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Sea" escapes"
Dear friends,
Welcome to my monthly "PHOTOBLOG" newsletter, which I have been publishing for several years and have enjoyed sending to friends and clients in order to keep them informed of my current photographic interests, new works, upcoming exhibits and other Gallery events.
A new "subject" is at the center of each Newsletter, with which I present a short series of pertinent images along with any needed description and details, in order to allow my viewers to become more actively part of the discussion.
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Any of these and other images could be custom printed/framed and become part of your art collection, based on your specifications and desires.
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Marcello Mellino.
The 2021 Summer is FINALLY here, in spite of all that has happened! The beauty of Nature comes through, once again, as the cycle of life moves on, no matter what...
Water is definitively my natural habitat: is it because I was born in July, under the influence of "Cancer", the fourth sign of the Zodiac, or because I grew up always near the Mediterranean sea in my earlier Italian days? Who knows, however water is always what attracts me, anywhere, anytime!
So, here are some sea-"escapes", to help you and me run away for a brief time into past care free and enjoyable times, where ever I could find "water" to provide relaxation, good memories and happy moments overall...have fun with these, as I hope you'll feel the implicit "message", now that normal (? ) life is slowly returning on our shores.
Images from the Italian world renowned Amalfi Coast, with its traditional Summer crowds, probably however not happening this year, as well as from deserted areas along Florida Gulf beaches, and from the raggedy US Eastern coast line in Autumn.
Remnants of old piers, constantly run over by persistent southern waves, while calm sunsets illuminate a peaceful Caribbean island. And stormy skies with unwelcoming seas for most, but not for a fearless wind surfer!
Quiet walks along the beach, or the unavoidable children fun while trying to catch one more the little crab tries to come to shore safely!
It's all here, really...
Here are the happy Italian bathers and sun seekers of days gone by: I can't tell if their beach or the facing stretch of Mediterranean is actually the most crowded...!
A late Summer beach near the Cape on a foggy morning: a beautiful peace, perfect for some creative thinking...
Then sand castles which I often find along the beach in certain Florida locations; various tropical birds constantly looking for the next meal, and finally one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever recorded anywhere...this one was on a New Year's Eve. in Naples!
"IMAGES" Art Gallery is currently exhibiting the "magic of CLE!" a unique and stimulating series of Cleveland images which will certainly trigger your interest in our City!
Personal appointment times are now being scheduled for your safety and enjoyment, as the Gallery has successfully reopen and wishes to welcome you all to stop by for a visit soon.
Art venues around town are trying to recreate what was once a care free opportunity to view art in all its various mediums; we clearly find significant challenges ahead of us, as our friends and clients remain somewhat hesitant to venture out and again enjoy the visual and intellectual pleasure always provided by a museum or gallery visit.
We continue, however, to encourage safe and healthy guidelines to all our visitors, including masks when necessary or so desired, and wish to again see many of you returning to these very SAFE "shores"!

To all a wonderful 4th of July and a happy, very content beginning of Summer!