If you have been following legislative deliberation on House Bill 6, you are aware that the bill passed both the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee and the full House of Representatives, and has advanced to the Ohio Senate. The Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee has taken a more in depth look at the rational behind FirstEnergy's demand for a statewide bail-out of their nuclear plants. The Committee has held four hearings, and once again the opponents significantly outnumber the proponents. A list of the organizations and individuals across the political spectrum who have come forward to oppose this proposal can be found at Senate Committee Hearing Archives. As we write this, c ommittee hearings continue, with the possibility of a substitute version of the bill.

Proponents have mounted a misleading television advertising campaign intended to cast this bill as a protector of jobs and energy costs -- when it fact it is just the opposite. By repealing support for renewable energy and energy efficiency, HB 6 puts Ohio at risk of losing jobs in fast-growing sectors of the economy, as well as large-scale investment in projects that benefit local communities.

We again encourage you to make your voice heard on this critical issue. Green Energy Ohio has launched a public policy page o n our website with information on HB 6. Contact your state Senators and ask them to vote in your interest as consumers and ratepayers -- not FirstEnergy's. Find your Senator: www.ohiosenate.gov/senators