We are so incredibly proud of all the farmers we have on the Oregon Farm Loop - over 50 throughout all four of our Loops!

With that in mind, we wanted to share the faces and stories of four of our farmers. All these featured farmers are still going strong this time of year, and would love a visit from you!

On the Farmlandia Farm Loop
Richard Fiala of Fiala Farms talks about growing up on the 56-acre West Linn farm, as well as how hard their corn maze is, which will be up and running soon! Read the article here. Current crops include tomatoes, peaches, green beans and flowers, among others!

On the Canby Farm Loop
A hugely popular flower crop in the Willamette Valley, there are still over 360 varieties of dahlias in bloom at Swan Island Dahlias in Canby, headed up by Nicholas Gitts. Gitts is the patriarch of this third-generation farm, which originally started as a vegetable farm in the 1920s. Read the article here. Head on in for tubers and fresh cut and u-cut flowers!

On the Marion Farm Loop
Grace Schipporeit, owner of Sunnyview Vegetable Farm , is all about customer service. She loves to show visitors around the crops, and help them decide what they need. While they've owned the Salem property for 40 years, they've only spent the last 10-12 of it growing vegetables, and they absolutely love it! Read the article here , and then stop on in for tomatoes, peppers and alls sorts of veggies.