Name: Cathy Mahon

Role at HeartStrides/How long have you worked here: One year as a volunteer for Heart Strides and owner/life coach of  Life Lessons with Horses  working out of Healing Hearts Ranch.

Favorite quote: “Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing.”

What do you love most about HeartStrides? The people and how kind and compassionate they are followed by the horses, which I adore!

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books? I listen to podcasts Brene Brown, “Unlocking Us” Alec Baldwin, “Here’s the Thing” and Malcolm Gladwell “Revisionist History.”

What do you do at HeartStrides? I’m part of the volunteer staff working with horses and humans including Pearl Street.

What’s your background? 3 3 years as owner, trainer, rider of horses and certified in experiential learning with horses as well as a professional/personal development coach.

What are the values that drive you? The top two are honesty and love.

What kinds of hobbies do you do outside of work? I’ve begun creating videos for Life Lessons with Horses and I love it both in front of the camera and behind, creating and producing.

Tell us something fun about yourself? I love to sing and dance and can really “boogy down” if given the opportunity and the right music!