TechLife Trends
Volume 4 Issue 6     June/July 2020
Video Message from Scott

We wish everyone a happy 4th of July and hope you enjoy the beatiful weekend. Have fun and remember to be safe!

Best of health,

President & Co-Principal
IDS Audio/Video & Technologies, Inc.
We've Got Portable Outdoor Theaters!
We are creating portable movie theaters; perfect for beautiful summer nights! Packages include an inflatable screen, projector, speakers, rolling cart, DVD player and streaming services. Enjoy the company of family and friends while maintaining social distancing and watching outdoor movies!

Portable and professionally installed systems are available in various configurations to meet your individual needs and budget--and the kids will love it! Contact us today to get started: 516-625-6060 or  by email .
Stay at Home Tips
As we continue to navigate our lives from home, we need to be diligent about staying safe.  Learn about video chat security risks  to keep your meetings private and safe from intruders. Haven't used your car? It's important to keep the battery charged by driving at least once a week.  Read more car safety tips here.  
Hamilton tonite! And More Upcoming Streaming
There's a lot of new streaming content coming in the next few weeks. For Disney Plus fans, you'll love this-- Hamilton is coming straight to Disney Plus, today, bypassing a 2021 theatrical release. Get your popcorn ready!
Don't Forget! We've Got Video Tech Support
IDS has Video Chat Tech Support available. If you've got an issue, we can help virtually! With FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or other services, we can fix many issues that could impact your services at home. Call 516-625-6060 or contact us by email. We'll do our best to get you back online!
Are You Following Us?
IDS is on Instagram, where we'll be sharing lots of info about dream projects, completed projects, trends and more. Take a look and follow us!
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