Dear Friends of PSR Philadelphia,
We hope you were able to get a safe view of the eclipse! It was a magnificent celestial experience and so many people were able to enjoy it thanks to a whole host of scientists!

It is, of course, scientists who track the crossing paths of the sun and moon, scientists who find ways that will make it relatively safe for the many millions of people to view such an amazing scene, and scientists who work at places like the Franklin Institute and Wills Eye Hospital and other generous locations that gave there time and energy to ensuring that free eclipse glasses were available to all and lessons in how to create safe, homemade viewing devices.

In bad news , a judge gave Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline builders eminent domain in five holdout properties.

Please consider taking action with our fellow environmental ambassadors at the Sierra Club Pennsylvania asking the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to deny permits for the Altlantic Sunrise pipeline because o proposed wetland and waterway crossings and earth disturbances in the ten counties along the route are not permitted !

In good news , PSR Pennsylvania was in the news with important perspectives and a great quote from our Medical Advocacy Coordinator, Laura Dagley, BSN, RN!

In other news, although the Department of the Interior has halted coal health impact studies positive initiatives like Youth Court programs, similar to our PSR Philadelphia youth violence prevention programs are garnering some much needed attention for their success rates!

Thank you always for all of  your support !
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