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Upcoming Events
President's Message
Chip Witt

By the middle of the month, summer fully announced itself with some outrageously hot temperatures; a much welcome change to the rains of spring. Thanks to all who showed up to make the Blancpain GT World Challenge PCA Car Corral at Sonoma Raceway and Porsches on the Plaza in Sonoma events the tremendous success they were. I also know several members were able to capitalize on the great weather with some inter-region fun on the High Sierra (Mammoth) Tour, making June one of the fullest months on the calendar to date.

July will keep the summer fun rolling. July 20 will mark our return to Maple Creek for a delicious BBQ and wine tasting conclusion to a fun drive out to Yorkville; we hope you’ll join us. PCA Parade will also be in July, filling up Boca Raton, Florida from July 21 to 28 with Porsches from all over the country. Since I’m unable to go to Parade due to other commitments, If you plan on attending, I’d love to hear from you with pictures and stories from your experience.

Looking down the road a bit, we want to make sure you circle a few dates on your calendars:

  • August 10 will have Redwood returning to Pech Merle for lunch and wine tasting following a drive up to Geyserville. We’re working on an exciting second wine event for August 24 too, so stay tuned.
  • Werks Reunion in Monterey will be on Friday, August 16; see Colin Fat's article below with a request for volunteers at various aspects of this very fun event.
  • If you like car shows and want to help show Redwood Pride, the Cloverdale Car Show is on September 7.
  • We’ll wrap up September with three amazing events:
  • Autocross at Sonoma Raceway on September 15th (Redwood’s Zone event) 
  • Redwood’s Zone 7 Concours at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma on September 22
  • Oktoberfest and the Redwood New Member Mixer in Vacaville on September 28

As you know, we are entirely volunteer organization. That means the fun we have requires folks to step-up and occasionally take-on a portion of the work to ensure we all continue to have fun. If any of the upcoming events look like your particular cup-of-tea, or if you’re just curious how you might be able to contribute, please let us know. If you want to talk in-person, you are always welcome to reach out to me personally, approach one of the club’s officers, or come join the board for dinner at one of our upcoming meetings. The next Board Meeting is on July 30.

Thank you and drive safe out there!

PS - Please join me in congratulating Kim Powers and Tristan Bayless on their marriage on June 29, 2019! Both families have been long-standing Redwood Region members, and Kim is currently on the Redwood Board as our Webmaster. Here’s to wishing them continued happiness.

From the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

Zone 7 Tour Hosted by Shasta Region
The Shasta Region held its 4 th annual Zone 7 tour in Redding hosting 50 cars and 100 club members to 4 days of touring on some of the best driving roads in Northern California. The weekend started off with a meet and greet social at the headquarter hotel in Gaia, about 15 miles south of Redding where members enjoyed a casual car show and refreshments. The next few days were filled with some great road tours, socials, dinners and getting to know some of the other 100 Zone 7 members in attendance. Read about Craig Steele’s experience at the tour below.

Shasta Region chair, Allen Krohn and his crack team did a stupendous job of mapping out some great roads and organizing the dinners and lunches while on tour. With a support cast that included Wayne Martin, Shasta Region president, and Art Smithson as the tour leads the routes were scenic, challenging and challenging. I commend the members of the Shasta region who volunteered their time over the weekend to make the event so wonderful. The Gaia Hotel and staff are to also be commended for their gracious hospitality and some memorable meals. If you have not had a chance to participate this is a tour I would definitely put on your bucket list. Beware that registration fills up very fast.

Zone 7 Concours #2 Sacramento Valley Region:
On Sunday, June 9th, Sacramento Valley Region hosted Zone Concours #2 at Niello Porsche in Rocklin. The event was originally scheduled for May 19 th but was rescheduled due to the weather. The weather on the 9 th was glorious with clear skies and moderate temperatures. According to SVR Autocross chair, Al Price, there were a total of 27 cars registered with members from throughout Zone 7 competing. Advanced registration was used for the first time in club history and so far the response seems positive for the continued use of Eventbrite. A big thank you goes out to Niello Porsche for their generous support and helping to make this year’s event a huge success.

Sequoia Region Re-Energizes its Autocross Program:
After losing their autocross site in Visalia, Sequoia Region went quiet for a few years before securing a site at the Madera Municipal Airport last year. Sequoia Region autocross chair, Larry Kirlin, held their second event of the season at the Madera County Municipal Airport where 19 drivers competed under clear skies and almost perfect temperatures. After tech inspection and a drivers’ meeting, the event started on time with all drivers getting 8 runs throughout the day. The course was challenging and grip was at a premium for most drivers.
Zone 7 Ax Chair, Grady Carter and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Larry and Sequoia Region President, Ed Suarez on Friday night. It provided a great opportunity to hear about the great events that the region has been scheduling. Ed told us that the club’s June dinner will be in his backyard and that he is expecting 74 members to be in attendance. Now that is certainly what makes this club about its members.

Volunteers Needed:
Zone 7 is seeking volunteers to help out in the hospitality tent, membership booth and corral parking with the upcoming Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion August 15-18 th and for the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship September 13 -15 th at Laguna Seca. If you would like to help out or have questions email or call me.

New Concours Chairs to Succeed D’Angelo:
Current Zone 7 Concours chair, John D’Angelo will be stepping down from his duties as our Zone Concours chair at the end of this year to spend more time with his other duties as national Registry Chair. I would like to thank John for leading the program over the last 2 years and for finding his successors. Simone Kopitzki of Redwood Region and Roy Schauben of Diablo Region will be working with John for the rest of the season learning the ins and outs of running the series in an apprentice capacity. This is great news for the program and will continue to strengthen the progress in increasing attendance and participation in the series that John has worked so hard to develop over the past year.

Looking Ahead to Events of Interest:
July 14, Sierra Nevada Region hosts Zone 7 Concours #4 in Reno
Porsche Parade, July 21 -27, Boca Raton, Florida
Golden Gate Region hosts Zone 7 Concours #5 on August 4 in Redwood City
Werks Reunion, August 16
Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, August 15 – 18, Monterey
IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, September 13- 15
Zone 7 two-day Autocross hosted by Loma Prieta and Golden Gate Regions, September 28-29 in Marina
Porsche Parade, Greater Palm Springs, California, June 21-27, 2020

For more information on anything zone, please visit our website.
Shasta Tour 2019
Zone 7 Concours hosted by Sacramento Valley Region
Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour
Craig Steele 
Past President, Redwood Region

I just completed my second Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour and as expected, it was outstanding.

This is a well-known tour through the mountains, valleys and scenic byways of Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Tehama and Lassen Counties.

It a fun, finely tuned and safety minded event. The key to the tour’s success is the folks from Shasta Region including Alan Krohn, the genesis behind the tour’s organization and rigor, Wayne Martin, Region President, and all the local volunteers.

After all, this region is famous for their Porsche touring. This is four days of touring starting from a central lodging and dining (breakfasts and dinners) location, Gaia Hotel in Anderson. Registration is limited to 60 Porsches that are assigned to a color coded 20 car tour groups: red, yellow or green. Every morning each Porsche assembles in a unique order (1-20) with their two-way mobile radios and full tank of gas and sets off to enjoy the day’s destination.

The groups are organized with a LEAD (#1), REPLY (repeats messages between LEAD and SWEEP) (#10) and a SWEEP (#20). There are three scenic legs: A—North East Loop, 275 miles, driving around Mt. Lassen and a visit to Burney Falls (pictured below), B—North West Loop, 245 miles, visit Scott Valley (pictured with my Gator45 below) and see Mt. Shasta up close, C—South West Loop, 257 miles, dive SR 36, visit the Straw House for lunch and local dam and rivers. The final Leg D is roller coaster ride after we check out from the hotel, 80 miles, a fun test of your driving skills and the Porsche performance envelope.

We hope Shasta Region will offer the third tour. If you want to insure a slot in this June event contact Shasta Region and volunteer your skills to insure it will be off offered in 2020
The whole crew!
Scott Valley
Barney Falls
Of Tires & Tribulations: But All's Well That Ends Well
Ben Davoren
Vice President, Redwood Region

This is a story of agony and ecstasy, focused on those rubber things that we all agonize over at least a little bit: performance tires. After going through my recent ordeal, I figured many of us probably have had this shared experience so I would write about it in hopes that this would be sort of a ‘car-tharsis’ for all of us.

For the last four years, Lisa and I have enjoyed attending the multi-region High Altitude Porsche Tour in Mammoth Lakes. It’s a drive to get there for Saturday’s main event (a 119 mile scenic, spirited tour of the Eastern Sierra; reach out to me for details!) but there are many great Friday driving options to get there from the Redwood Region.

With great anticipation I left work at 4:50 pm on Thursday, put the top down…and was greeted by my Carrera S Cabriolet telling me: Right Rear tire…is FLAT.

We all hope that it’s a mistake. But after 7 or 8 flats in the last 10 years (yes, this is getting ridiculous), I have come to completely trust the TPMS. And sure enough, when I ran my hand around the tire, a Phillips head screw was embedded in the worst place: at the sidewall edge, meaning no hope of repair. I needed a new tire before I could leave.

Calling a tire place less than 10 minutes before they close is a gamble. Will they pick up? Do they have any idea how uncommon these Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are? Oh my God will I have to buy TWO? There are only 3000 miles on these babies! But Malugani picked up and calmed me down by saying they had one in their warehouse and it would be in Mill Valley at 8 am, no worries. I pulled out my trusty Ryobi tire inflator from the frunk, got enough pressure to limp home across the Golden Gate, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Until 8 am sharp when I showed up and they said they were just about to call me because…that was the only tire that DIDN’T make it from the warehouse. My near collapse at the counter engendered good will from everyone when I described my whole plan to launch at 9 am for this wonderful outing in the Sierra, and we all scrambled for ideas about what to do next. TireRack had one…in Reno. Maybe we could drive over to the Richmond warehouse and scour the place for the tire that yesterday they said they had but today they couldn’t find. My wife took the direct approach: call Porsche Marin; they talked you into these tires anyway. And they had two, I could buy just one, and I could get the PCA discount!

We got the tire, brought it back to the Carrera, and Malugani mounted it in twenty minutes. For free. I was emotionally spent even though we ended up only an hour behind schedule.
But all’s well that ends well. We got to the wonderful 80-car event in Mammoth and had a terrific drive and an afternoon surrounded by colorful Porsches displayed on a street they closed off for us. The tire that almost everybody had? The Pilot Sport Cup 2.

Was everybody happy? Yes…except for the woman whose GT3 got a nail in hers at the end of the drive. But she was also saved, this time by our PCA brethren. Who else would carry around a center lock wheel torque wrench that the local tire repair shop didn’t have? See, it’s not just the cars, it really IS the people!

Rear view mirror: Mammoth
Porsches on the Plaza 2019
Kurt Fischer
Event Director

Arriving at 7:25 AM to a quiet Plaza...the sun is up... the ducks are walking the grass heading to the small ponds. We await 50 Porsches to fill the horseshoe in front of the historic Sonoma City Hall.

First cars start arriving at 7:45...way too early, but they are quickly slotted into prime locations in front of City Hall. Next to arrive was the TRG trailer with the famous Daytona 24 hours outright winner of 2003...the #66 Porsche! A number of us help Richard Rosenberg, with TRG, unload the famous car and slot it into the end spot.

Of special note...we had not one but two 1956 Speedsters both done in red over black owned by Jim Hybiske and Dan MacDonald. These guys compared their cars looking at the unique details of original high 6 figure Porsches...quite the sight! I was asked by several passersby’s which is the best Porsche..and I told them...the 2 little red ones are worth more than a whole row of regular Porsches!

By 10:00AM... the Plaza is filled...the tourists and club members are milling all over the cars! The colors of the cars are amazing...a rainbow on the pavement! Warming up quickly as we head to a high of 86F...the shade of the trees beckon...the chairs are appears as the grounds of the Plaza invite small gatherings! This group is not lost for words!

Our charity...CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) has a table next to the registration area and got a lot of interest in their fine program they offer to foster children! Speaking of registration...big thanks to Simone Kopitzki for handling all the paperwork involved in putting this show on!

People's Choice awards are handed out at 1:30PM and we have winners! In 3rd place is Tom Roderick's 356C...2nd place is Don Durant's '73 RS clone and in 1st place is Chris Dinno's 1990 Carrera 2 Targa. They all receive beautiful glass trophies with plaques denoting their place and the event...Porsches on the Plaza!

Big thanks to Kevin Buckler and the entire TRG team for supporting us!  Joe Burroughs for this in its 9th year and all the members of the Redwood Region! This is a not to be missed year! Aloha!

Check out more pics from photographer Paige Gaines here.
Porsches on the Plaza
Lining up in the horseshoe
Board Meeting Minutes
Alan Geddes
Redwood Region Secretary

Our next board meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm on July 27 at Mary's Pizza Shack, located at  121 San Marin Dr., Novato . All members are welcome to attend. 

You can read previous board meeting minutes  here
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

In May 2019, 25 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including one member with 50 or more years in the club, two with over 40 years and two more who marked over 30 years!

Congratulations and thanks to those with anniversaries. I hope you are enjoying your membership and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club offers.

I encourage everyone to participate in your club's events -- they're a great way to meet other PCA members and have some great fun with people and our amazing cars. 
If you spot any errors or have questions about membership, please  email   me. 
der Marktplatz
1987 924-S Black 5 speed, 26,500 miles, meticulously cared for. $19,000 OBO

2007 911 Carrera S Cabriolet
Arctic Silver/Black. 18,750 miles. MSRP $101,350. Supple leather, pwr heated seats w/crests, Bose high
end sound, remote 6 disc changer, self-dimming mirrors, six speed manual, Sport chrono plus, new
Fuchs wheels and Michelin Pilot sport, also factory wheels. Garaged, one owner CA car, as new. $48,500

Call 707 496-2298 or email Scott
1966 912
Cinnamon. 87,462 miles. Rebuilt racer. Current CA salvage title; 911 SC valances, flairs; duck tail; 16” Fuchs/new tires. Also 15” wheels/tires; new glass/body/glass rubbers; new Recaros/interior; new Raby 2270cc Type 4 (180 hp); Dellorto 40 DHCA carbs; M-2 transaxle /914 gears; Tangerine exhaust. Garaged since rebuild.

Call 707 496-2298 or email Scott
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