Summer is the Season for the "5th Quarter"
A Letter from Joe Micon, LUM Executive Director
“In the summer, the days were long, stretching into each other.
Out of school, everything was on pause and yet happening at the same time,
this collection of weeks when anything was possible.”
In her 2016 book, “The Rest of the Story,” author Sarah Dessen captures the spirit of summer precisely. It is that special season where everything is on pause, yet a time of possibility and promise. Here at Lafayette Urban Ministry, summer is the season for 5th Quarter.

The LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program is an academic learning program that helps low-income children retain and grow their knowledge throughout the summer months when school is no longer in session.

According to the Measures of Academic Progress tests, summer learning loss is a serious reality. On average, children lose about a month of reading and math skills during their first summer vacation. During their second summer vacation, they lose three full months of skills in reading and math.
The LUM 5th Quarter program offers low-income children the chance to catch up. The program is in session every day throughout the summer months at the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center. This summer, 45 children are enrolled.

Each day begins with a nutritious snack, recreational reading and a fun gathering session for our students, teachers and volunteers. Then it is on to learning in math, science, and social studies. Each of these subjects is taught through a combination of classroom and online study. There are weekly field trips to the public library, Purdue University, and to other locations where our students see and experience new things.

Pre and post testing indicates that the LUM 5th Quarter students retain more of the knowledge they learned in school and are better-prepared to enter the next grade level in August, when compared to a control group of children who did not participate in our program! I am so pleased with the quality of the LUM 5th Quarter Program. I am encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from the children’s parents and classroom teachers. More than anything else, I am proud of the progress of our 5th Quarter students.
It is costing LUM $28,000 to operate 5th Quarter this summer. Included in this amount are four teachers, our online learning expenses, program supplies, snacks, and transportation for field trips.

Parents who can afford to contribute to the cost of their child’s participation in 5th Quarter, even minimally, are expected to do so. But almost one-third of the children enrolled are provided full summer scholarships. I am hoping you will join me in offsetting these costs.

Please, won’t you consider a generous gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more to 5th Quarter? Your support will help LUM continue to offer this remarkable program that has proven so effective in advancing the academic progress of low-income children in our community.

The LUM 5th Quarter is in session for ten weeks this summer, from late May through early August. Please help us to make these a collection of weeks where, in the words of author Sarah Dessen, “anything is possible.” Join me in sharing a generous gift to the 2019 LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program .
LUM 5th Quarter Students Explore Science
Study Trip to Local Family Science Center
Recently, the students enrolled in the LUM  5th Quarter Summer Learning Program took a trip to a local family science center in Lafayette. During their visit they explored the entire science center and had an opportunity to experience and learn about engineering & building, chemical reactions, animal care, reptiles & amphibians, and virtual reality. The highlight of the day was the chemistry lab session with hands-on experiments using pure, solid carbon dioxide (CO2) — dry ice (pictured).

At least once a week, the LUM students go on an excursion, locally, to continue their summer learning (zoo, library, museum, firehouse) and for recreation (swimming, bowling, local park, hiking).

If you wish to support the LUM   5th Quarter Summer Learning Program  — you may make a  monetary donation , sponsor a study/recreation trip,  volunteer , and/or  donate snacks  and supplies. For more information , click  HERE  or email Kristi Hogue at . To view more photos of the LUM 5th Quarter, click HERE .
We're Thinking about "Christmas in July"
Jubilee Christmas 2019 - Saturday, December 14
There’s only 156 days until the LUM Jubilee Christmas day — Saturday, December 14 . LUM is thinking about Christmas in July because it's never too early to begin planning for Jubilee Christmas. Won't you please consider getting engaged in Jubilee Christmas 2019?

Four Ways YOU and your church, family, business and organization can support Jubilee Christmas are as follows:
  • HOST Families at your own Jubilee Christmas event, click HERE
  • PARTNER with a JC Host Site that is hosting Families, click HERE
  • VOLUNTEER - learn more, click HERE
  • Register Families (10/21-23) - to sign up, click HERE
  • Donation Center (12/2-12) - to sign up, click HERE
  • Jubilee Christmas Day (12/14) - to sign up, click HERE
  • DONATE - learn more, click HERE
  • Host a "Toy Drive" & Donate Items - to view needed items, click HERE
  • Make a Monetary Donation, click HERE

Last year on Jubilee Christmas Day, 1,831 children from 640 families received gifts of new toys, books, clothing, and food for Christmas Day at 27 different events . If you need more information or have questions, please go to, email or call 765-423-2691. Thanks...and Merry Christmas!
73 Days to Fight Hunger at Hunger Hike 2019
Hunger Hike 2019 - Sunday, September 22
There's only 73 DAYS to Hunger Hike Why not get started NOW?  Here's what you need to know to begin raising money and “fighting hunger.”

Hunger Hike is an annual community fundraising event whose mission is to Raise Awareness & Make a Difference in the Fight Against Hunger — locally, regionally & globally.  Hunger Hike  (Official Kick-off & 3K Walk ) event details are as follows:
  • Sunday, September 22
  • Noon – Check-in; 1 p.m. – Kick-off event begins; 2 p.m. – hike starts
  • Riehle Plaza, 2nd Street, Lafayette

Hunger Hike is the perfect event for a team or group — church group, student organization, civic group or your family. Put together a Hunger Hike team and start raising money using our  online fundraising site  — or any way you choose. We hope you’ll consider joining our Fight against Hunger. Here’s how to get started:

REGISTER Online  | DONATE  | More Information —  |

If you run and/or own a business — you also may become a  Hunger Hike Event Sponsor . If interested, email  for more information.