News From CCF-LA | July 15, 2022
Summertime and the living is fun!

It’s mid-summer now and still time to make plans for family outings, visits to museums, camping, concerts and for the most part a return to life as we knew it a few years ago. During the past two summers, we may have put off these types of adventures.

Just this month, we celebrate the birthday of our amazing country and thank God for the many freedoms we have here, especially in the choices we can make during these summer months. It’s not too late to visit a relative, make that road trip, or get involved in local volunteer projects at centers for childcare, the homeless, local food banks, your parish, and sprucing up neighborhood schools as they get ready for the fall enrollment.

Our newsletter this month features funds and programs supported by the CCF-LA that welcome volunteer help. These are funds that help all generations. For the young, find opportunities to support your local Catholic schools, particularly those schools that are in our urban areas serving the poorest families. Also, mentoring through the Catholic Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program.

For our aging populations, help by visiting and supporting the care facilities that serve their needs. Nothing brightens the day of the elderly and infirm more than a visitor. Take the time to send a parent or grandparent a card or letter to let them know you care. Better yet, visit them!
Summer months are times to recharge, to appreciate life and those that matter most to us, and to make more time for God on Sundays and during the week. There are many opportunities at volunteer in ministry work at your local parish.

Enjoy the remaining summer months and find an adventure that makes a difference in your life and those you love.
-Kathy Anderson,
President and Executive Director
Investments In the Second Quarter

There was no shortage of challenges facing the economy during the second quarter - the relentless and tragic war in Ukraine, widespread inflation, a startling 75 bps hike in the Fed Funds rate, a stubborn virus, and escalating concerns over a slowing global economy. For the month of June, the global stock and bond markets sank, with the S&P 500 Index officially in a bear market (defined as down 20% from the most recent peak). To be specific, the S&P 500 Index lost 8.25% in June and closed the second quarter down 16.11% for the year. Developed ex-U.S. indices were also broadly negative for the month with the MSCI EAFE down 9.28%. Interest rates were volatile during the quarter, resulting in the 10-year U.S. Treasury hitting an intra-quarter high of 3.49% in June, the highest since 2011, before closing the quarter at 2.98%. The Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index declined 1.57% for the month of June and remains down 10.35% for the first six months of the year.
As for the pooled funds we manage, the Balanced Pool portfolio experienced a -6.23% return, net of fees, in the month of June and -17.09% for the first half of 2022. The Intermediate Fund pool returned -2.95% for the month and -8.43% for the first six months of the year. The current yields on the STIF and Cash accounts remain at 0.02% - 0.05%.  

-Andrew O'Boyle
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

From the Development Department

June has brought new energy to the development side with a new Director of Development, Inga Middleton, and four summer interns representing St. John’s Seminary, Loyola Marymount University, Santa Clara University and Georgetown University. In addition to learning the business of philanthropy management, our interns will visit our clients to understand the big picture of the philanthropy. We hope that well after they leave, they remember the power, energy and positive feeling of giving to others. 

Our clients were very generous in June as we processed 68 grants for a total of $3.3 million. Our clients trusted us with an additional $3.6 million in deposits.
Additionally, four new funds were opened. Three of those funds support Catholic Big Brothers and Big Sisters (opened in memory of their wonderful staff member Julie Magallanes Guevara Fund), St. Philip Apostle School, and Corpus Christ Parish. Our staff was in full force supporting Catholic Big Brother and Big Sisters at the Champions for Youth Gala in June. We love our jobs supporting our clients and community as much as we love summer. Happy summer, everyone.

-Maggie Byrne,
Head of Development and Assistant Treasurer
Inga Middleton
Director of Development
Summer Volunteer

Meet David Zamora, our St. Johns Seminary Intern in his own words: This summer in addition to my internship at CCF-LA, I’m involved in street ministry! In my fifth seminary year, I know how important it is to answer the call from St. Matthew’s Gospel “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink?” This summer I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve God’s children as a volunteer on Skid Row with the Friars and Sisters of the Poor of Jesus Christ, enabling me to bring the Catholic faith to a place where so few are willing to go. When we minister, we call “the homeless our friends and we know them by name. Volunteering for street ministry is not about feeling good about ourselves nor is it a substitute for personal prayer -- it is about letting the love of God we receive through the sacraments pour from our lives in the form of service to our brothers and sisters in need. We do more than give them a meal and I bring my guitar along to sing and pray with them, while listening to their stories. This volunteer experienced has enriched by faith in so many ways.
2022 New Hires: 6 Months of Sustained Growth

To keep up with our growing client base and volume of transactions, both deposits and grants, CCF-LA added new staff, primarily on our development and client services teams. Our goal is to maintain 17 full time positions during the year end with an option for up to 19 depending on the business activity. Our Development Team has a staff of 4, our client services team in 3, our finance team is 4, the operations team is 2 and the executive office is 2. We have three open positions – a marketing manager, development manager and operations manager.

Our internship program was expanded from two to four positions that are currently staffed with students from LMU, SCU, Georgetown and St. John’s Seminary. These interns are involved in everything from research and collating documents to working on key initiatives like parish outreach and work with our family office clients.

Our strategic plan calls for providing exceptional client services and that means finding solutions for managing charitable assets with quick turnaround times for grants. 
Photo: Meet Inga Middleton, our newest member of the development team. Inga is a former attorney who has dedicated the last 16 years of her life to supporting Catholic and environmental causes.
Photo: Meet CCF-LA’s interns, l-r, Jojo Flanagan, Jackson Figge, Annie Flanagan, and David Zamora, they enrich CCF-LA’s mission of empowering individuals across generations learn about professional philanthropy management. Their input is critical to our ongoing future success.

Candidates interested in employment or internship opportunities may email T. Matthew Hansen at
New accounts in the last 3 months:
Christian Parenting Scholarship Fund
Corpus Christi Parish Needs
Corry Nethery Fund
Friends of St. Philip the Apostle Fund
Julie Magallanes Guevara Fund
St. Maron CLE
Susan Meek Donor Family Fund
The Hansen Family Charitable Fund
Thomas J. Blumenthal Charitable Fund
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