VSC Voice, Volume 5 | July 2020

VSC's education team is committed to empowering children, adults and families. Our engaging programs help build safety skills that can aid in prevention of child abuse. We believe every child should learn about body safety and how to speak up when something doesn't feel right. But starting that conversation can be awkward. VSC educators are experts in these conversations and we're here to help. Safe Touches is a comprehensive child sexual abuse prevention program with multiple sessions specific for parents, teachers, caregivers, and children ages 6+ on personal body safety. Sign up now for the introduction on July 29!

Follow-up Safe Touch workshop sessions are set for
  • 8PM, Wednesday, August 5
  • 8PM, Wednesday, August 12
  • 11AM, Monday, August 24
  • 11AM, Monday, August 31

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer.
Jessica Carson
VSC Education Supervisor
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