We are excited to announce that CIHS has been granted temporary approval from WASC for distance education, and some on-ground classes will begin in the Fall quarter! CIHS Trustee, Dr. Richard Gold, and friend of CIHS, Yuval Ron are featured in a recent NOHO article and will be presenting a public program in September for our 30-Year Anniversary series. CIHS lead faculty, Dr. Sharon Mijares has a fascinating recently published article. Interesting upcoming events in August and September!
CIHS Fall Quarter highlights:
Psychology of the Chakras &
Varieties of Anomalous Experience

CIHS has been granted temporary approval for distance education. Exciting news that some ON-GROUND classes will begin in the Fall quarter!

Psychology of the Chakras, with Dr. Rick Jelusich
This course provides a foundation in the understanding of the psychology of the chakras as conduits of consciousness. We will be exploring this topic from several viewpoints: from archetypes to contracts, to ‘dominant chakra theory,’ including clinical work in the field, scientific research, and more. Students will be doing experiential work in determining their own chakra attributes as well as understanding how the chakras affect our perception of reality, our responses, and the effects on the four archetypes of the “Whole Human Being”: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Students will be able to utilize experiential course exercises and will have explored text and supporting material to support their awareness, beyond a mere clinical understanding. Included will be students assessing each other’s chakra characteristics as part of asynchronous assignments. Discourse and discussion are extremely important throughout the course and will also assist students and their own self-assessments and perhaps spiritual development. Incorporated in the course will be elements of Dr. Jelusich's 30 years of experience in studying/teaching and spiritual counseling on the chakra system in the U.S. and Canada.

Varieties of Anomalous Experience, with Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens
This course is designed to provide students with a robust foundation in the epistemological, methodological, and ontological issues surrounding anomalous experiences. First, the course will expose students to the wide range of anomalous experiences that people report including synesthesia, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), near-death experiences (NDEs), UFO & ET encounters, PSI phenomena (e.g., ESP and PK), past-life experiences, and mystical or meditative experiences. Next, the course will explore various integrative frameworks (e.g., Patrick Harpur’s notion of Daimonic Reality) to understand the shared phenomenology and underlying ontology of these phenomena. This will include an examination of the philosophical, archetypal, and cultural dimensions of anomalous experiences.  Lastly, the course will consider the important role of critical thinking and limits and possibilities for scientific investigation into understanding anomalous experiences. A new model of integrative meta-science will be proposed that can shed light on anomalous phenomena while avoiding reductive or materialist explanations.  
CIHS Trustee, Dr. Rick Gold, and friend of CIHS, Yuval Ron, spotlighted in NOHO
Guest speakers in our upcoming 30-Year Anniversary Event in September

.... "A NoHo Arts music interview of music artist Yuval Ron, where he discusses “Sacred Spiral,” an utterly beautiful and healing collection of songs, full of inexplicable peace and resonating meditative qualities, with Dr. Richard Gold is Yuval’s partner in Metta Mindfulness Music, a wellness music project creating music informed by ancient wisdom traditions and the most current advances in neuroscience and music therapy. Three years after its release, the renowned Dr. Richard Gold asked Yuval to revisit the Chakra album and adapt it to incorporate the voice of the Chinese singer, Úyanga Bold." View the entire article HERE.

CIHS is proud to welcome Dr. Richard Gold and Yuval Ron (pictured here with Úyanga Bold) in September as part of our 30-Year Anniversary Series, for their presentation: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science: Explorations in Sound Healing.
CIHS in action out in the world.....
Our alumni, faculty, staff, and friends are doing inspiring work that enhances life with their consciousness studies involving the
mind-body-spirit connection!
CIHS Faculty, Sharon Mijares

Dr. Sharon G. Mijares is a psychologist and lead faculty at the California Institute for Human Science. She is a world traveler focused on creating a better world for all. She has authored/edited six books specifically focusing on psychospiritual development, women’s empowerment, Breath, and a deeper look at our human relationship from a global perspective. Her most recent publication, Archetypes, ego states and subpersonalities an exploration of diversity within somatic awareness, present how a combination of somatic and psychodynamic approaches can reveal embodied ego-states, subpersonalities, and archetypal influences communicating through the body-mind.
View the article HERE
Upcoming events: Opportunities to be in the CIHS community!
Join CIHS professors as they discuss their new book, split across two volumes, is a follow-up and companion to Metatheory for the Twenty-First Century (Routledge, 2016). All three of these volumes are the dialogical outcome of a multi-year symposia series wherein critical realists and integral theorists deeply engaged each other and their distinct but complementary approaches to integrative metatheory. Whereas Metatheory for the Twenty-First Century is primarily theoretical in its focus, Big Picture Perspectives for Planetary Flourishing: Metatheory for the Anthropocene aims to more concretely and practically address the complex planetary crises of a new era that many scholars now refer to as ‘the Anthropocene.’
Foundations in Shamanic Ceremony and Ritual has been designed to help you dive deeply into living your life in a sacred way. Each week you will learn valuable ceremonial tools and rituals and the reasoning behind each. Each class provides a detailed lecture, followed by hands-on experiential opportunity to practice each ceremony or ritual of the week. It is time to let your inner Shaman Shine!
Week 1: Sacred Space
Week 2: Journey
Week 3: Fire
Week 4: Water
Week 5: Altar
We are so honored to host Master Shaman and ray of light, Starr Shontere!
We are enrolling now for Fall Quarter!
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CIHS Hosts Upcoming Events at CIHS Enlighten: Public Programs

Big Picture Perspectives for Planetary Flourishing:
Metatheory for the Anthropocene with Dr.
Tuesday, August 9th, 6-7:30pm $25 Suggested Donation
Cultivating Resilience in Stressful Times: Principles and Practice of Osteopathic Self Care with Dr. Michelle Veneziano (CME and CEU credit pending)
14-week Certificate Course, Thursdays in September 5:30-6:30pm
Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science: Explorations in Sound Healing with Rick Gold
Wednesday, September 14th, 6-7:30pm $25 Suggested Donation
Foundations in Shamanism - Certificate of Completion
Thursdays in September 6-8pm $150 5-week Certificate Course
Psychology of the Chakras with Dr. Richard Jelusich (CEU credit pending)
8-week Certificate Course, coming in October
Introduction to Sacred Sound Tibetan Bowls with Diane Mandle
3-Day In-Person Certificate Course: November 11-13th