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Summer of Gaming!
We here at The Bookies know summer isn't just about reading. One of the most frequent questions we get is: "What else can you recommend when my little reader doesn't want to read?"

Our resident games expert, Karla, has some great suggestions for you!

If you're a fan of Dr. Eureka, this is a really fun and similar type of game. Players try to match the pattern on a challenge card with their multi-colored, gelato-filled cones. Perfect for when you're trying to beat the heat -- and a great way to stall while you prepare a sweet treat for the kiddos.

Happy Salmon
An instant classic and already an award winner, Happy Salmon is just plain fun. This card game (shaped like a fish!) is a unique combination of slapjack and charades. To experience it is to love it, and the kids will be thrilled they can fish inside when they're done fishing outdoors.

Pool Party
This game is taking our store by storm! When the lifeguard blows the whistle at your real-life pool, break out this box of fun. Pieces are plastic and water resistant, and setup could not be easier. Kids try to flip their bathers into the water. First one to get three in without spilling the pool over wins. But be warned: it's difficult to win with all the laughing going on.


Summer's Still for Reading, Too
While we love the games of summer, we always want to make sure our customers know about the latest and greatest on paper.

Adult Fiction
Jar of Hearts
Jennifer Hillier
Hillier is a master storyteller of psychological thrillers. In her latest, a long-buried victim comes back to haunt not only her killer but those around him, too. A page-turner which explores the fascinating concepts of truth and perspective.

Adult Fiction
Lauren Groff
Bestseller Groff is back and she's created something truly special: a story as unconfined by time as the landscape that so richly dominates it. This is a thriller to be experienced, not just read, one which connects with the reader on a deeply human level.

Adult Fiction
There There
Tommy Orange
An important novel that is taking the literary world by storm. Set at an indigenous peoples convention, the Big Oakland Powwow, it's not just a story of the characters we meet but of their history, their people, the land and the struggle and victories that haunt us with every step.

Adult Fiction
Noah Hawley
A new paperback edition of this gripping tale of murder and conspiracy. A professor's wife dies in the crash of a plane she should never have been on, and from there the waters get very murky. A page-turner for any beach time you may have remaining this summer.

Young Adult Fiction
Reaper at the Gates
Sabaa Tahir
A must-read sequel to keep the end of summer at bay. The third part of the bestselling EMBER QUARTER series finds Helene surrounded on all sides by enemies, well-meaning but dangerous allies, and those who are about to lose themselves in the struggle for power.

Middle Grade Fiction
Podkin One-Ear
Kieran Larwood
What's not to admire about brave rabbits fleeing enslavement and attempting to save their own? A ripping yarn that is described as "Middle-earth for middle graders".

Middle Grade Fiction
Lions & Liars
Kate Beasley/Dan Santat
The day after this book came out, one of our Bookies came bursting into the back office with it in hand and exclaimed, "Well, this is simply wonderful!" Set in a camp for troubled boys, a group of -- let's just say, unique individuals -- must come together to avoid danger from Mother Nature and one another. To survive both, they must all be brave.

Middle Grade Fiction
Flor and Miranda Steal the Show
Jennifer Torres
A fun and dynamic tale of two girls, one the lead singer of her family's band, the other a part of her family's carnival petting zoo team. How can these two girls and groups possibly have conflict? Pretty easily, as it turns out, when you're both after the same money.

Middle Grade Fiction.
Paul Aertker
Local author and Bookies' favorite, Paul Aertker is back with a brand new novel in a brand new voice. A moving story of loss and how hard we'll fight to connect with those who are gone -- and how far we'll go to get even a moment of the past back. As our Bookie Larry said, "My review is simple: GREAT!"

Women Athletes Who Rule!
Sports Illustrated Kids
Colorful, full of pictures, and with great details about the incredible female athletes of the past and present. As informative as it is inspirational. While it's hot outside and difficult to get the kids active, perhaps a little motivation might help?

Counting on Katherine
Helaine Becker/Dow Phumiruk
A wonderful book about a massively important part of American history. NASA's Katherine Johnson may be most well-known as one of the characters portrayed in the film Hidden Figures, but her story of how she got there and what she did once she arrived is even more astounding. A very approachable book for kids and a great way to give them a new hero who is very worthy of their admiration.

God Bless America: The Story of an Immigrant Named Irving Berlin
Adah Nuchi/Rob Polivka
Did you know the man who wrote "God Bless America" was a Jewish immigrant who fled persecution from Russia to the USA? As important a story today as it has ever been.

We Don't Eat Our Classmates
Ryan T. Higgins
So much fun. Dinosaur's first day of school and what's her biggest problem? She keeps eating all her classmates! Which, let's agree, sounds pretty fun -- right up until someone decides to eat you!
Storytime is going to be MONSTROUS

All through July, we'll be hosting special MONSTER-themed storytimes every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Watch our Facebook page for more details about all the fun to come!
The Bookies Welcomes Carol McCloud 

The Bookies is very excited to announce that Carol McCloud will be joining us on July 12th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in store to share her latest book: Buckets, Dippers, and Lids. Carol is famous for her works about bucket-filling, the virtues of kindness, and the rewards of appreciation.

Something Different...
Please note that we will be closed for the Independence Day holiday on Wednesday, July 4th.