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June 5, 2020
As Miami-Dade County comes to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, The Children's Trust has decided to dedicate our Parenting Our Children Newsletter to dealing with the parental side of managing the crisis.
Getting Our Kids Ready for a Summer of Volatility
Race, coronavirus and politics could dominate our children’s summer

The most volatile year of our lives, just got even more flammable. Still struggling to prepare for a summer in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, the country has been thrown into further chaos with public demonstrations, rioting and looting resulting from the tragic death of an African-American man in Minneapolis.  Read more
Boys of different races protest together.
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A Question of Trust: Stories of Perseverance and Adaptation From All Corners of Miami-Dade
Service providers tell their coronavirus pandemic stories

As the realization that the coronavirus would spread to all corners of Miami-Dade County dawned on residents, an overriding fear spread faster than COVID-19 among those who work with children and families. For them, the uncertainty was two-fold: Their own careers and jobs were in jeopardy, but so was the wellbeing of so many that depended on their services.  Read more
A service provider hands a protective mask to a resident.
Book Club Expands to All Miami-Dade Kids Up to Their 5th Birthday
Sign up today for new program that starts in July

The new and expanded The Children’s Trust Book Club is officially launching in July and making it easier than ever for Miami-Dade's youngest children to read with their families.
So what's new and expanded about it? How about a free book every month in the mail for the first five years of your child’s life!  Read more
A woman reads to her young daughter.
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Other News
Miami-Dade reopening gyms, fitness studios on June 8 after months of COVID-19 closures

Florida sees highest single increase in positive COVID-19 tests on June 4

State universities plan fall return

Churches, synagogues and mosques reopening in South Florida with more in-person worshippers than expected in some cases

Beaches still closed as curfew diverts police presence needed for reopening

Florida unemployment claims surge even as U.S. shows signs of recovery

Pediatric and other medical visits subject to new guidelines

Education leaders eye ways to reopen schools in fall
Helpful Links for Coronavirus Related Information

  • Miami-Dade County’s Coronavirus page also has updates as well as a listing of additional online resources. Click Here

  • Florida Department of Health’s Coronavirus page. Click Here

  • The Miami-Dade School Board also has a Coronavirus page, as well as a Parent Guide to the Novel Coronavirus. Click Here