Summer of Love!
It's officially Summertime! And now that means we are all looking for a little bit of love, sweet love.

We all want it no matter what our relationship status is. Who doesn't want to be in love in the Summertime? There are so many things to do during the long sunny days and the warm moonlit nights. You've met someone, things are progressing nicely; but is it real romance or just a summer fling? The Moon transits this Summer are going to guide you towards the changes in your relationships that you need. Do you want it to last? Or are you just looking for a May to December romance?

There is no wrong answer. But if you are wondering what the state of your Summer loving is, I am here to help you figure that out today. So let's get to it with one of my Special 
Clairvoyant Readings.  Love Clairvoyant Reading
Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie
Summer Solstice
This year, the summer solstice will take place on Friday, June 21, 2019. What does this mean for you? This is a Time for An Upgrade to Our Human and Light Systems!
Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.
Midsummer is when all may absorb the Sun's warming rays and it is a celebration of fertility, not only for humans, but also for crops, animals and all beings.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer! With summer comes the desire for love.