July Mission Focus
Epworth's ERT

For the month of July, Epworth is collecting items and/or donations for our Early Response Team's go-bucket and travel expenses. A sign-up sheet is on the information board listing needed items. Mark your offering envelope "ERT." Place items in the Nathan Patterson classroom.
Summer of Gifts
Discipleship Emphasis

This year, we are continuing our series of summer discipleship emphases with our "Summer of Gifts." In the welcome center, there are business card envelopes available for you to pick up. The envelopes contain business cards that say "this gift is given in the name of Jesus and from your friends at Epworth UMC." Place a $5, $10, or $20 bill in the envelope and look for an opportunity to give it away! These small gifts can have a huge impact.
Summer Sermon Series
on Prayer

We are focusing on some of the most powerful, passionate prayers in the scripture. This Sunday, we will see how David surrenders to God through prayer knowing that God knows everything about us. An authentic prayer life is not as far away as you imagine. Join us for worship this summer!
Jesse Tree
Advent Project for All

Epworth's families will be participating in the Jesse Tree project for Advent this year. Join us on Sunday, July 28, after the 11 a.m. service, in the fellowship hall where lunch will be provided. Families will participate in making at least one of the same set of 25 ornaments. There will be an exchange party in November for those who participate. Each set will tell the story of the Creation to the birth of Christ. For more information on the Jesse Tree, visit www.whychristmas.com/customs/jessetrees.shtml . Sign up for lunch reservations on the information board.
Lost & Found
Check For Missing Items

Check the labeled container in the Whitehusrt Welcome Center for lost items such as, keys, jewelry, glasses, etc. Unclaimed items will be given to a charity on July 30.