Summer on the Farm Registration
Yes, it really filled that quickly!
After missing a year of Summer on the Farm due to the pandemic, we know how eager you all were to get your kids enrolled. We have been fielding calls and emails daily since January, and are aware how important this camp is for many of your and your children.

So we were excited yesterday to open up registration for this much-anticipated event! However, we underestimated just HOW anticipated it would be. Typically, Summer on the Farm fills up in a week or two. Yesterday, our open spots filled up in about 40 minutes, before we even updated the website and before the scheduled Facebook post ran.

We were as shocked as any of you, as this has never happened before. Many of you were confused, surprised, and some are understandably frustrated because your kids look forward to this each year. We may not be able to respond to each phone call or email so we wanted to reach out, explain a bit, and let you know about the wait list process.
Summer Waitlist FAQs

Why did Summer on the Farm fill up so quickly?
We aren't totally sure! It might be a combination of slightly decreasing our max enrollment, missing out last summer, fewer other camps having availability, or just more people paying attention to emails about summer camps. Some have asked whether we filled the camp internally first, and the answer is no. While we do offer registration to our school families first, we always do this, and they didn't respond any more heavily than average, taking less than 25 percent of slots. Most campers are non-Keystone families who registered after they saw our notification email.

The Summer on the Farm link on the website didn't work for me. Did that make me miss a spot?
No. The website link didn't work for a short time (possibly due to traffic overload) but camps were already full at this point.

I asked to be notified when registration opened, but I didn't get an email.
Our email service (Constant Contact) sometimes gets flagged as junk, spam, or "promotions," due to it being a marketing software that sends emails to hundreds of recipients. If you check your other folders and still don't see the email, feel free to let us know at so we can make sure you are added.

How do I get my child added to the waitlist?
You can still sign up for the waitlist by registering/logging in HERE.

Does it cost anything to be on the waitlist?
No. The waitlist requires no deposits or financial commitment.

How far down the waitlist am I? / What are my chances of getting off the waitlist?
Every week is currently carrying a waitlist of about 40 campers, which is wild because typically we carry a waitlist of 5-8 campers per week. We cannot tell you how far down the waitlist you are, but it would be safe to assume that getting in would be difficult. If you need to make other arrangements for your child this summer, we encourage you to do so.

Is there anything I can do to move up the waitlist?
Unfortunately not. There are no additional fees or deposits that will change your spot on the list.

If I want more than one week, or have more than one child, does that hurt or help my chances?
We will move through the waitlist in a fair and orderly fashion. Wanting more than one week does not help or hurt your chances at getting in.

If my child has attended Summer on the Farm previously, do they get first choice from the

Will you be opening up additional spots?
No. We are a small school and a small staff and we just don't have the capacity for groups large enough to meet the demand this year.

How will you let me know if a spot is available?
If a spot opens up, we will call families to confirm their interest and availability first. Depending on the timeframe, we may need to move on to other families quickly, so we won't be able to hold spots.

How do I make sure that I'm notified about Summer on the Farm next year?
The good news is that you're already on our email list if you're reading this, so you will get future summer emails. You might want to add us to your approved contacts list as well!
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