Family Focus
Programs & News | May 2020
Parent Recharge Groups Now Online
Three times a week, we offer an opportunity for parents and grandparents to connect at our virtual parent groups . Here is what Kate shared about the value of the groups for her:

"Having the responsibility of taking care of my family while navigating the uncharted waters of this pandemic has been stressful and overwhelming at times. Being able to rely on virtual parenting groups as a way to connect to other parents and share frustrations and strategies has been a valuable resource. ... These groups help me to stay focused on the positive.They reinforce my strengths as a parent and enable me to feel a sense of community in spite of remote learning and stay-at-home orders."
Tuesday PM
Parent Recharge
weekly at 6:30 p.m.
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Meeting ID: 540 259 112
Thursday AM
Parent Recharge
weekly at 9:30 a.m.
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Meeting ID: 334 557 303
Thursday PM
Relative Caregiver Recharge
weekly at 3:00 p.m.
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Meeting ID: 748 232 645
No registration necessary. These groups are always posted on our website calendar. Other ways to get support and connection: Call us at (603) 422-8209 ... email Georgie , Patrice , or Parkie ... or join our private Parents Connect Facebook group.
Managing Anxiety and Worry
One of our favorite teachers, Lynn Lyons, has a new podcast, A Mom's Retreat. Managing anxiety is a challenge for every family during this time of uncertainty and stress. Lynn offers compassionate straight- talk to help parents support their children's mental health. Carve out 30 minutes to listen each week. As Lynn explains, "Know that your worry is validated, but you can do something about it to leave room for joy, play and laughter too."
Checking In With Yourself
We like to define self-care as the practice of taking action to preserve your physical, mental, social and emotional health and well being. Practicing self-care and self-compassion will help us get through these challenging times.

The 6 Daily Quarantine Questions ( developed by by Brooke Anderson for Greater Good magazine) offer a reminder of things we can do each day to build our resilience. Getting outside, letting go of expectations, moving your body and connecting with others can make a difference.
Summer Book Group Returns
On Tuesday nights, beginning June 2nd, our our Virtual Parent Recharge group will become our Summer Book Group! How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids by Carla Naumburg is filled with practical tips, humor, compassion, and a plan for understanding stressors and stopping parental meltdowns.

We will mail you a copy of the book so you can read Chapter 1 for our first meeting. Email Patrice to sign up and order a book (while supplies last).

Reading the book is optional for this book group! Everyone is welcome to join each week as we discuss the strategies we are learning to feel less ashamed, stay calm, and keep our acts together instead of losing it.
Health Care from Your Couch
Families First and Goodwin Community Health are now offering phone and video visits with our medical providers and counselors.

You can even have a video visit with a dentist if you are an established dental patient and are having a dental emergency.
Thank You, Volunteers
We'd like to offer a tremendous thank you to all of our amazing volunteers at Goodwin and Families First. A special shout out to our Family Center volunteers, many of whom been suporting us for years - Doreen Andriola, Jess Dugas, Tracey Lyras, Barb & Arnie Silverstone and Matt Stevens. We are so grateful for your dedication, caring and compassion. Thank you!