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Our summer party is on Saturday, Aug. 24, and we're getting so excited seeing all our plans come together! We've got some amazing partners joining us for the day, and of course, we've put our most creative ideas on the table. It's going to be awesome! 


But that's still a week or more away, and there's something awesome happening right now: It's peach season in BC! We're making the most of it, and so should you! They're delicious!

It's been an amazing summer, but it's almost over. September will be here before you know it. Why not bid the best summer in recent memory a fond farewell... at the Buddings Summer Party on Aug. 24? ;)

See you there!

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Summer Party - Aug. 24
Peaches in Season
Summer Photos are gone :(
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Family Fun Day - Details for an EPIC party on Aug. 24!


EPIC kids' party, that should say, but you should know... That's what we do! 
If you haven't saved the afternoon on Saturday Aug. 24 for you and your family to attend our summer send off party at Jonathan Rogers Park, our blog article this week will convince you to trace that pencil mark over in pen, and make sure you're there when the party starts at 1pm!
We've put together a fantastic line up of activities, contests, and treats (all FREE), from some of the most popular children-focused businesses in the city! Come take a class with Carolyn from Yoga Buttons, rest from the sun in the Barefoot Books Storytime Tent, and dance, dance, dance with Vancouver's favourite Carnival Band
The first annual Biggest Bubble Blowing Contest will happen from 2:00 - 2:30, and we'll have everything you need to blow bubbles the size of your head! 

Check out the blog for all the details, and watch next week as we get even more details confirmed!
Peaches in Season! Peachy!


Other than the cherry blossoms in April, the best thing to ever pop out of the woodwork (trees) are finally here, and they are spectacular! It's the peach season in BC, and if you haven't already done so, do yourself a favour and buy a bag... or two.
They're ripe, juicy, sweet, and HEALTHY! That's why this week, we're taking every opportunity to use peaches! Check out our monthly Google Calendar to see what snacks we've got this week (and every week!) and be sure to sign your child up!
Summer Photos for Families are gone... :(


As you may know, we never post photos of children publicly, but we take tonnes of pictures of the kids at play. At the end of the month, families who attended for the month receive invitations to the collection. It's an awesome way to keep up with your kids' lives when you're not around, and the kids tell us how excited they are when you share the pics with them at home.

This summer, with over a thousand photos from June and July, we spent a whole (weekend!!!) afternoon picking out the very best ones, formatting them, and creating an album for your viewing pleasure. 

Unfortunately, within days, someone deleted the entire collection.  

They were only digital images, but we're so sad that all our memories are gone. :(
We're not optimistic about ever seeing them again, but thought we'd ask anyway: If you had downloaded any of the photos before they were removed, and wouldn't mind taking the time to upload them again, we would love to have them back.

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