Here is a quick look at some headlines from this week impacting the lives of kids 0-5 and their families. The purpose of these stories is simply to inform, and they do not necessarily reflect First 5 Kern's areas of support or efforts towards these issues.

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Now for the headlines........

The U.S. Department of Education released this week seven tips to help parents make summer reading fun . The idea is for parents to prevent the "summer slide" - a euphemism for the regression many kids experience during the months when they are not in school, continuing to improve their reading skills.

While we're on the topic of reading, this Education Week article asks, " We actually know quite a bit about how to teach reading. So why don't we do it right? " This article in The Atlantic also addresses teaching your kids to read, and the author claimed his steps produced a 4-year old reader with just a few months of consistent effort.

RELATED: The summer reading program through the Kern County Library is underway. Along with prizes and incentives for kids to read during the summer, there are also related events such as celebrity readers, and the libraries also announced they have expanded their free lunch program as well.

A hormone produced in the first trimester of pregnancy has been found to improve tissue health and range of motion for those suffering from arthrofibrosis, a painful condition sometimes referred to as 'frozen shoulder'. Researchers are studying directly injecting the hormone relaxin directly into the afflicted area. Dr. Edward Rodriguez, who helped develop the study, said,  "the local delivery of relaxin-2 offers a potential paradigm shift in the treatment for the millions of individuals who are affected by arthrofibrosis every year."

What is the most common operating room procedure performed in America? If you guessed the C-section, you would be right.

But there are many in the medical field who think this needs to change. And this New York Times article investigates what some hospitals are doing to reduce the number of C-sections it performs.

Triple-digit temps have arrived in Kern County, so it's as good a time as any to talk about protecting the little ones. This information from the American Academy of Pediatrics provides a good road map for Sun Safety, starting with babies.

RELATED: This recent article from Women's Health provides a list of nine pregnancy-safe sunscreens . We advise to consult your physician about these matters as well because we're not sunscreen experts.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has warned of a possible link between a common ingredient in dietary supplements and miscarriages. Vinpocetine can be found in supplements touted to increase energy, help with blood circulation and weight loss and even bolster memory. The compound is sometimes referred to as Vinca minor extract, lesser periwinkle extract, or common periwinkle extract (even though it is not actually a natural extract).

The FDA further notes that many ingredients included in supplements are not required to be vetted by their research and evaluation. In an effort to increase awareness of what is actually used in supplements, they have launched a Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List .

Here are some other noteworthy reads from this week on children's issues:

Right now, your children are young, and posting pics of them on social media is more about you as a parent, according to this Washington Post article . But in this age of cultivating an online presence, eventually you may have to face some convincing arguments from your children about what NOT to post. just announced their lists of the Top 10 books for 2-year-olds , for 3-year-olds, and for 4-year-olds . And no, there is no age limit on having appreciation for Dragons Love Tacos .

After taking three years off to raise her daughter , this woman found relief in a "returnship" to ease back into the workforce. Good Morning America spoke to her about it, and shines a light on a process that may be gaining popularity. The company Path Forward, who works with women getting back into the workforce, says that 95% of their clients have a college degree, and that they average 11 years of experience before they took years off to care for their children.
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