Garden Fair Is Back!
Garden Fair is back for 2021 and we’re looking forward to seeing you (and your Mom) on Mother’s Day Weekend! 

Summer research program returns after 2020 cancellation
More than 200 students from across the U.S. and beyond applied for our Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. The program is back this year after being cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic. Find out what they can expect.

Uncovering a History of Slavery at Blandy, and We’re Just Beginning
The history of Blandy Experimental Farm is intertwined with an older, crueler history. Now we are learning more about the enslaved people who once worked the land where Blandy sits.

A hawthorn problem
The State Arboretum of Virginia is home to many botanical surprises for our patrons -- some known and some waiting to be found. After a pair of trees caught Arboretum Specialist Jared Manzo's eye, he noticed subtle differences. He spent months identifying the species of two hawthorn trees, and this is what he learned along the way.

Can you be a phenologist?
What is phenology? It is the study of the timing of the life cycle events of organisms. You can add to the scientific body of knowledge by sharing some careful observations.

Happy anniversary, Moon Trees!
This year marks the 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 14 mission, when hundreds of tree seeds orbited the moon. The resulting "Moon Trees" are scattered around the world, but one of them is closer than you may think.

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