CASY & MSCCN August 2018 Newsletter
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Did you take a break from your job search over the summer?
We always see a decline in job seekers in the summer. We know--it's PCS season if you are on active duty, and many families make the most of summer vacations.

But summer is winding down, and now is a great time to get back in the job search game. With low unemployment numbers and high demand for qualified applicants, employers are looking to fill their open positions. Need to restart your job search? Reach out to your Employment specialist today.
The August MSEJ is LIVE

We've got a great--maybe our best one yet--MSEJ for you this quarter, with information on the cybersecurity field, job opportunities with TS Marathon and Activision, and thoughts on leadership and why female Veterans should self identify from our Writers Guild interns.

As two of our team members deal with ETSing and military retirement, they share their experiences and thoughts on transition.

In addition to our regular spouse and Veteran success stories, we also have some thoughts on the Military Spouse Dilemma and the insights of military spouses who have successfully balanced military life and their careers.

You can read it all and more here.

CASY at Senior Enlisted USMC Conference

CASY's Don Fried and MSCCN's Milinda Rau spend time recently in DC talking to senior USMC spouses about CASY & MSCCN services.

Outreach Specialist Stacy Harris also served as a keynote speaker for the 8th Marine Corps District Recruiting Command Spouse Orientation in Dallas, Texas.

Need a speaker for your next event? Contact Amy Rossi at
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