June 2018
" Incorporating advice from more than 200 Living In Place Institute certified professionals, REMODELING and the Living In Place Institute announced they have united together to revise a Cost vs. Value bathroom project to give a more positive view of what such a renovation should entail for a wide range of occupants and visitors. . . click picture to continue reading

" We all have difficulty with low illumination or rapid changes in light levels as we age, a result of changes to the pupil muscle. According to the National Institute of Health, this is why people in their 60's require three times more.. .. click picture to continue reading
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Here is a thought...
The housing industry is currently divided into two main groups, or what are commonly called, market segments. The first is new homes and the second is renovation.

Each of those groups are then divided into smaller market segments. New homes are single or multi family. The next segmentation is usually by price. The only age division segment is for 55+, a declining market according to NAHB. Renovation is divided into several market segments, the largest is kitchens and bathrooms. Other segments include, minor and major projects, repairs, siding and roofing, landscaping, etc. But there are no market segments by age or ability.

Would it make sense to try and change existing market segmentation into a system based on age or ability? How many segments would there need to be? Could the existing industry change overnight, respond to each segment's needs, and stay in business?

This is an important question because it relates directly to you business and your current market segments.
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You will learn:
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  • The Living In Place Solution
  • Just a few of the hundreds of designa nd product ideas you can include in ALL your projects, with live links for more information
  • Plus valuable information about becoming a Certified Living In Place Profesional

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What is CLIPP -
Why has it captured
international interest?
Why is it working?
Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) is not like any other program. CLIPP is not a limited-market approach to helping only those who are aging.

This is a new direction. An approach that Co-Founder Louie Delaware describes as, "Our collective responsibility is to focus on our own unique area of expertise, then network with those from ALL other areas of expertise. This is the only way we can work together to make all homes, Accessible, Comfortable and Safe and help ALL of our clients to continue, Living In Place !
 "Our research into earlier programs led to some basic conclusions. First, and most significant...

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