Celebrate Summer!

Celebrate Summer!

The Summer Season is in full effect and it’s a hot one for most of the country…and it’s also vacation season. While we are all facing some volatile weather shifts and travel alerts, many of you are still getting your much needed time off which is great to see. While the Out of Office messages may be up, the need for new products are also up. This market requires new offerings while keeping focus on operational efficiency as headcounts and responsibilities shift; we are happy to provide our Summer newsletter for your review.

This Summer edition will focus on a number of new products that we have been working on and some special Summer pricing.

Everything listed in this edition will be offered at a 20% discount from standard engagement pricing.

We recognize the market challenges and want to assist clients with some reduced pricing. Starting your project now gives you (and us) a head start on the flurry of post-Labor Day requests that typically come in after the Spring/Summer buying season and all are back from vacation mode.

Even though we are in the summer season, it appears that many of our clients have been in Audit Season since the start of the year. After years of record volume, there has been a constant stream of audit, repurchase, and compliance requests.

‘Let’s streamline compliance’ is not a chant we hear every day in a lenders office, but why not give it some love? Repurchases, QC and other audits, are legitimate cost drivers for lenders and as margins (and headcount) is thin, we’re driving improvements in all departments here. Compliance efforts touch so many different people, screens, updates and documents – we can do better.

In a search to drive a much better compliance summary within Encompass, we are excited to be launching our Compliance Story, which is going to change the way compliance reviews are done within Encompass. The Compliance Story creates a one stop shop for all of your compliance requests within the loan file and provides any user both an overview of critical compliance milestones and specific details about what happened and when. This was built to not only save hours of time by multiple users while the loan is in process, but also dramatically save time for Post Closing file review, months or years after the file closed. For years just about every department has had their own screen with the exception of compliance and QC, and we’re changing that today.

This story has been created to eliminate the complexity of Encompass and save hours of user times by:

  • ·   Providing a central location for all of the vital compliance events
  • ·   Drive compliance driven alerts and workflows
  • ·   Provide a welcome landing page for Compliance managers who may not live in Encompass on a daily basis

Contact us today to schedule a demo of the new Compliance story.

The best part of being on the consulting side of the business is the ability to see so many different business models in action. We have completed over 500 Operational and Secondary Reviews, and through them all we are still amazed at the findings. Some are truly eye opening on a positive front, and others are very surprising in the way some lenders are still operating. In most reviews, the findings lead to actions that fall into one of three buckets:

  •  New items that need to be improved or introduced
  •  Functionality that wasn’t even known to exist
  •  Workflows that require additional training or enforcement

As I write this it reminds me of raising children and getting them to do chores around the house. The three buckets are no different as they grow and mature.

The goal of these engagements is not to provide a summary report of unrealistic items. The goal is to address attainable areas of improvement with clear and actionable steps to build, implement, train, and support improved processes and workflows.

Our Encompass based Operational Review and our Encompass based Connect Utilization and Encompass Makeover engagements utilize our expertise and translate them to your business model.

Need some margin help? In this market who doesn't? Look no further than our Secondary expert, Jonathan Yosha. He can find pockets or margin all throughout his Secondary Review process. Our Secondary Special Forces engagement brings Jonathan to your Secondary process where he applies night vision goggles to find those elusive crumbs or entire slices of margin that are either leaking or simply left of the table. 

As technology, execution strategies, and vendors (PPEs, hedging models) have shifted over the last 12 months while the market has seen historic rate increases and margin depression, who couldn’t use a little, or a lot, of help?

Do you know what the biggest hurdle companies are facing in technology projects? User adoption. And the biggest challenge to adoption is proper training for the new system or application.

Our trainer, Jaime Rowe continues to excel in all aspects of training for all applications within an organization. From POS, LOS, CRM, Jaime can speak to them all and how they work within your organization. Our Encompass based Training engagement trains your team how to adopt and make best use of the applications within your workflow.

Encompass Web or LO Connect is making strides and we are offering a number of new offerings to help you get introduced to some key components. The Encompass Web Starter Kit and the Encompass Web Task Based workflow have been created to help you get started on the transition to Encompass Web.

Thank you for reading. All of these engagements are being offered at a discount of 20%.We are hoping to get these projects up and running before the summer comes to close.

Contact me to discuss any of these offerings.