September 29, 2017
Your Dollar Did This!
Look at that concentration.  There is no formula for this sort of engagement. It takes more than equipment and textbooks to excite curiosity, engage learners, and inspire children to believe in all they can accomplish.  It takes the kind of support and trust that CA families give the school.  It takes the sort of expertise and concern the faculty brings to their work each day, but it also takes funding.  Thank you for your support and one hundred percent participation in annual giving!

"Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present."
Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Wessinger, pre-K 3&4, 
has a baby sister!
Freya Catherine Wessinger 
 has arrived! 
6 lbs 15 oz, 19.5" long!
Congratulations to the Wessinger family! 

Jacour Mullings, 
first grade, has a baby brother! 
Tahjiri Amir Rich
has arrived!
8 lbs 1oz, 
20.5" long! 
Congratulations to the whole family!

If your student has a sibling you wish to have considered for the 2018-19 school year, please be mindful of these application deadlines.
Taking Library on the Road in Pre-K 3&4!  
That magic librarian, Mrs. (Library) Smith and her box of books creates such a fan club in Pre-K 3&4! She is a rock star to the short set!  Mrs. Smith has been taking her show on the road as the youngest Ospreys get acclimated to their weekly routine, reading exciting stories and teaching wee peeps how to take care of books. This week PreK got their very first library books of the year.  Next week:  They trek to the real library in Chesapeake Hall!
Veronica Edmonds is learning to properly use a magnifying glass as the kindergarten class explores popcorn.

Lower Schoolers Discover Math is All Around Us!
Lower School's weekly Math is All Around Us period features a  Project Based Learning (PBL) project that is collaborative in nature and focused on applying math skills in ways that are practical and engaging for students in grades one through four!  Multi-grade and single gender groups attack mathematics challenges like baking an apple pie (Oh, the fractions!) to learn and practice essential math skills. Kelly Antonio reports on the Apple Pie Challenge, " Student groups doubled their recipes, decided who was responsible for what ingredients (and the quantities of said ingredients), and made their final plans for making their  pies . Math is All Around Us meets again n ext Monday, and teams will be baking their pies!  

Martha Rogers explains, "Besides being a great opportunity to excercise math skills, these projects are great unscripted opportunities for young students to practice teamwork in an organic way. Groups assign responsibilities, work together on the math, and learn how to monitor and check their progress, holding each team member accountable. Teachers are in the wings coaching, but the real growth here is in teamwork skills."   The proof won't be in the pudding this time:  It will be in the pie!

Writing Prompts Go Tactile in First Grade, and Imaginations Go Wild!
Step one: Create something exciting and all your own with Play Doh.  
Step two: Illustrate a story with a beginning, middle, and end about your creation.  
Step three: Write the words to make your story come alive!  

Voila! First grade authors are on a roll!
Book Blogging Boosts Enthusiasm for Reading in Second Grade
What is our favorite topic? Books, of course! Liam Hubbard is learning how to blog about what he reads! Sharing the joy of books is top priority with Mrs. Manetz!  Liam and his friends in the second grade classroom read favorite picture books and then fill out paragraph frames that guide them through summarizing. Then they hop on the second grade blog to post their impressions of of the text. Soon this exchange will expand to include third graders who are excited about books. Book talks are a wonderful way to get everyone interested in reading!
Cathy Bollinger Launches this PALS Series with a Full House!
Ably assisted by Liam Hubbard, Cathy Bollinger sings a song about a nurse named No!  This award winning singer and songwriter kicked off the 2017-2018 Performing Arts and Lecture Series with a morning of music for a full house. Bollinger enthusiastically performed lively songs that taught social skills, letter sounds, and more.  
That Striped Rapscallion, Ranger Rick, Rocked Chesapeake Academy!
Though the faculty was prepared for a rodent of some antiquity...(He must be the oldest living raccoon....) Ranger Rick was surprisingly spry as he celebrated Chesapeake Academy's designation as a Schoolyard Habitat by the National Wildlife Foundation.  Mrs. Jen Mihills thanked students for doing their part to maintain a good environment for all sorts of creatures on the Chesapeake Academy campus. After presenting Mrs. Keesee with a framed certificate, Ranger Rick gave students copies of National Wildlife Federations's children's magazines and posed for pictures. What a treat!
Cultural Exchanges Build Global Connections!
Faces and Our Culture is an organization that pairs host families and Guatemalan exchange students for a cultural program. Chesapeake Academy has been delighted to host four previous students from Guatemala. And now we are excited to welcome Julian Prieto to the  fifth grade on October 17.  While in the United States, Julian will be staying with Jackson Pyles and family on the Christchurch School campus. Please make a point of welcoming him to Chesapeake Academy! We have much to learn from one another!

Third Grade Dissects Plants to See how Plant Parts Work!
Better than labeling diagrams for developing an understanding of the roles and relations of plant parts, third graders tackle dissecting plants to explore the various structures firsthand and discover how they relate to one another! Enthusiastic Botanists are eager to learn more!

What in the World is Inward Bound?
Designed for students to get to know themselves better and to bond as advisory groups,  grade levels, and a larger Middle School group,  Inward Bound is an overnight experience for Middle School students and faculty members. Students participate fully in group problem solving activities, games, contests, and reflections. The character theme this year is EMPATHY, and many of our activities will focus on developing this theme.

Each year, Student Council sponsors the first Middle School dance at Inward Bound. The theme for this first shindig is  Midnight Masquerade  and it involves a costume contest. The contest is organized by advisory groups (Each group doesn't need to coordinate, but groups should focus on overall creativity and effort.) Please help your child come up with an appropriate outfit for the evening. There will be karaoke and dance offs between the blue and white groups, so students should go all out!

The eighth grade class will leave from Chesapeake Academy on Thursday, October 5 at 9:00 a.m. to participate in initiative games and challenges. They will have a pizza lunch at Camp Piankatank. Grades five, six, and seven should bring their own lunches on Thursday, as they will leave from school at 12:30 p.m. following lunch on campus. On Friday, students will return to school at 3:20 p.m. for pick-up.

Camp Piankatank staff fixes the food for the group, and we provide our own snacks. Please let Dr. Hall know immediately if your child has a food allergy or should avoid certain foods so appropriate arrangements can be made in advance.

I Wonder Who I'll Be....?
Over the summer, fifth graders enjoyed reading the novel,  Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Discussions of this novel kicked-off a positive classroom climate by helping students reflect upon the ways they treat others and pondering how they want others to treat them. Each student chose 8-10 precepts (words to live by) that promote ways they can be kind to others. This sort of intentional community building helps each student build an identity to be proud of. If you have not read this novel, run to your nearest library or bookstore! This book is too good to miss!

Did you know... that one of the first questions foundations ask Chesapeake Academy when we apply for grants is about the level of support the school receives from the various constituencies of the school community? 

Proud to answer:  100 percent!
Marie Edwards explains Why Chesapeake was her family's choice.
Why Chesapeake?
Our son, Lucas, has always loved school and learning!  At Chesapeake Academy, he gets the extra push and opportunity to learn so much more. The differentiated instruction throughout his classes encourages his mind to grow more and more every day. We originally chose CA because it seemed to provide a comfortable and safe learning environment. Prior to enrolling Lucas in thi rd grade, we noticed how pleasant and happy the children were. Since then, our view of the school has only gotten better! The school's greatest strength? The energy and commitment of the teachers is outstanding! They really do more than one could ever anticipate!

Lucas has gained a wonderful sense of self confidence and the ability to think on his own.   No matter the subject, Lucas has been encouraged to explore the subject matter until he feels he has exhausted the topic. The children are taught critical thinking skills, as well as how to be aware and thoughtful of others and how to treat each other with respect and kindness.

When we made the commitment to CA, we feel that the teachers and staff made as much of a commitment as we did.  We participate in many of the school community fundraisers, and the annual fund, now called the Bell Tower Fund, is one of the easiest. It's a small way to give back to a huge program that supports so many of the day to day benefits for the students. For us, there's no doubt that the curriculum inspires and encourages students to be challenged, and the teachers go above and beyond to benefit our child...without Chesapeake Academy, we wouldn't be here!

Referral Opportunities!!  Don't Miss Out! 
As a Chesapeake Academy parent, you are invited to participate in the referral program which could earn your family a $1000.00 tuition credit! Wait! WHAT? Did you catch that? Yes, you did! $1000.00 tuition credit will be applied to your account should you refer a family and upon being accepted, enroll at CA! Now, tell me....who wouldn't want to participate in the Referral Program with such a fine reward for participation? Referring a family is a super great way to grow Chesapeake Academy with students you want seated next to your own child! So....take a moment and think about a family that may be a great fit for our community! If you are interested (of course you are) complete the 2018-19 referral form and submit to Hilary Scott, Director of Admission. Once the form is received, you will work with Hilary to provide the prospective family with a brochure packet and you are on your way! Questions? Contact Hilary at or 804.438.5575.  

Birthday Book Program Adds Gems to Library Collection!
Delighted readers opened new books to find a bookplate donating the tome to the CA library in THEIR NAME!  What an honor!  First to check out the new books, these happy Ospreys are ready to promote the Birthday Book Program across the school!  Grandparents can join the fun in October at Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day!  
Important Note:  Please check in with Ms. Connie every time you arrive at school during school hours to pick up your child. She will announce your arrival and make arrangements for you to collect your child.
Introducing....your Student Council Class Representatives for the 2017-18 School Year.  Ap Pollard was elected by his peers as sixth grade rep, Anna Carey is the new fifth grade representative, Callie Souders represents the seventh, and Eden Stander for the eighth grade.
Student Council Sets the Bar High!
Ever wonder if heroes still exist? They do!  Heroes are often ordinary people who feel a need and simply do what there is to do. They go out of their way to respond: Because it matters. Student Council officers are embracing the opportunity to impact recent storm victims in a positive way. These young leaders held a special $2 tag day to raise a donation for storm relief, and people dug deep to help. A good example is Jack Porter, seventh grader, who donated generously from his earnings from his job at Sullivan's Pond Goat Farm. Clearly the Osprey Nation has felt the need and stands ready to lend a hand. The tag day raised $523.25!  

Anxious to reach as many suffering people as they can, Student Council took on babysitting for 22 young Ospreys whose parents attended EC LS Back to School Night, leading their charges in games and feasting on pizza! Proceeds from this helpful event will also go to storm victims.

Guided by Student Council Sponsor, Kim Dynia, Larkin Denton, Rebecca Meberg, Adair Stanley and Elizabeth Stanley shopped for and helped their classmates create the "kits" that give displaced people basic necessities while they wait for a larger response.  These kits are transported through the 75 year old United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and the donation to outcome ratio is just right.   Rebecca Meberg, puts it best, "This project lets me help people who need help.  I can make a difference.  My mom's friend lost his home.  This makes me feel better."

"When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and po sitive energy replaces it. That's when you can get more creative in solving problems." 
Stephen Covey

Sixth Grade Writers Develop Descriptive Prowess!
What inspires creative adjectives to rain like lemon drops? Sixth graders are using candy bars to explore specific details in their writing. Can you use adjectives and figurative language to distinguish one candy bar from another without using their names?  These young writers can!
Mindful Mapping Deepens Comprehension
Reading comprehension moves beyond simply locating details about a text in seventh grade. In order to truly understand, a reader must locate details, make inferences, and draw conclusions. As part of their study of S.E. Hinton's  The Outsiders, seventh graders mapped out their understanding of the characters and setting of the novel. They had the option to artistically and textually map out a single character, all of the characters in relation to one another, or the "how to" of being a Greaser. The process pushed them to deeper comprehension and consideration of the text while producing a product that could convey that understanding to others.

Table Discussions Inform Eighth Grade Thinkers
Eighth graders are exploring Golding's  Lord of the Flies  through multiple critical lenses in order to practice reading texts on more than one level. This year, their literature course, inspired by the Harkness Method, is bringing students together multiple times a week for literary discussion at our "collab" table where hand raising is abandoned in favor of genuine conversation.The Harkness Method is a method of teaching and learning first developed at Phillips Exeter Academy. It is based on the idea that learning should be democratic and is built around the vision of a single table with 12 or fewer people working together, through conversation, on a shared task. The shared task may be a reading, a math problem, a concept, or something else entirely and may or may not involve writing. The key tenets of the table are exploration, empathy, and equality.
Thinking about Secondary Schools Already?
Many independent secondary schools require the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) as part of their admission package. Chesapeake Academy is offering this test on campus on November 11. The registration deadline for the regular fee for the SSAT is  October 21. Late registration and rush registration (significant additional fees) end on  November 8.  

Chesapeake Academy is only offering the test on November 11.  However, students may register to take the test at other sites on other dates.  Receiving high schools are usually amenable to scheduling a flex day if the student is an applicant to the school (application completed). Receiving high schools may have fee waivers that they are able to use for promising applicants with demonstrated financial need.  We do not have access to fee waivers.
If your child has current (last 3 years) academic testing indicating that he or she needs extended time, the use of a calculator, or other accommodations which we are authorized to provide through SSAT, please mark that on the test registration.  SSAT will ask Chesapeake Academy to confirm the need for accommodations.

The Head's Heads Up--VAIS 5 Year
Chesapeake Academy is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) in a rigorous process that ensures we meet the highest standards of excellence in education.  VAIS describes accreditation:

Accreditation is a voluntary process intended to be qualitative in nature, undertaken by schools committed to common expectations of excellence. While the school's own mission is the primary lens through which the school should self-assess, the VAIS Standards serve as principles of best practice for independent schools and should be considered by the school on a continual basis. The VAIS Standards represent the collaborative efforts of the appointed Accreditation Committee members and Staff, and reflect both state and national expectations. Schools are expected to demonstrate alignment with the Standards through documentation (see lists below each Standard), the self-study narrative report (which may include a standards "guide" and/or reflections on the Standards themselves), and during the on-site evaluation team visit.   Every five years, a visiting team of educators from other independent schools throughout Virginia spends several days at Chesapeake Academy talking with administrators, CAPPA members, Board members, staff, and faculty to determine how we are meeting each of the guidelines established by VAIS for best practices. There are 9 major guidelines for day schools:

  1. The school's mission guides its policies and practices and is evident in the climate, culture, and program of the school. 
  2. The program fulfills the educational and developmental needs of the students, meets the requirements of learning and living in a diverse and globally-connected society, and reflects ongoing internal review. 
  3. The school authentically communicates its mission and values, creating a community that understands and supports the mission while engaging in the life of the school. 
  4. The faculty, administration, and staff support the mission of the school, are qualified for their positions, engage in ongoing evaluation and professional growth, and effectively implement the program. 
  5. The Head of School serves as the chief executive, is the sole employee of and only direct report to the governing body, and is ultimately responsible for the operational and educational management of the school. 
  6. The governing body of the school is independent and deliberative, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and works in partnership with the Head of School to ensure that fiduciary and strategic policies advance the school. 
  7. The governing body and the Head of School jointly assure that the financial resources are sufficient to sustain the program and are efficiently managed.
  8. The school's facilities and equipment are sufficient to meet the needs of the program and are maintained to provide an effective and safe learning environment. 
  9. The school's care for the health, safety, and welfare of the students is evident in its policies and practices.

In 2012, we passed all standards (there were 74 sub-standards) with flying colors!  This October, we will have our five year interim visit. We look forward to hosting the team and showing them what a special place Chesapeake Academy is. 


On October 22, we will roll out the red carpet for our guests so that they can truly know our gem of a school.  Students will all contribute to a video presenting the school to our visitors.  Ospreys will help welcome the team as VAIS members come in and out of classrooms and talk with students.  The team will arrive on Sunday, October 22 and depart on Tuesday, October 24, which is a half-day for students so that the team may meet with the faculty, staff, and Board members to give an initial report.


I am confident that our VAIS team will find a joyful environment in which expert faculty members model curiosity, creativity, and flexibility so that students engage in dynamic learning processes.  They will recognize the support of volunteers--parents, Board members, and community contributors who all work toward our common purpose to provide an innovative, enriching learning environment rooted in traditional character values for these 123 really wonderful children entrusted in our care.  After all, we share a belief that inspiring children to think deeply and work creatively in a caring environment grows them into good people who can impact the world.  
"The breezes taste o f apple peel.
The air is full of smells to feel-
Ripe fruit, old footballs, burning brush,
New books, erasers, chalk, and such.
The bee, his hive, well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts chrysanthemums.
Like plates washed clean with suds, the days
Are polished with a morning haze."
John Updike, September

Athletic Director, Ian H. York
Coach's Corner
Looking ahead at the athletics calendar, the golf team will play at the Golden Eagle on October 2, hosting Ware, Aylett, and Lancaster Middle School at 3:30 p.m.

On October 3, the soccer teams travel to Ware for an afternoon of play.  The JV game starts at 3:30 p.m. with the Varsity game following at 5:00 p.m.

The volleyball team will be in action the same day (October 3) as they host Ware for a 4:00 p.m. match.

October 4 is the last day of practice for the week since the Middle School will be going on Inward Bound October 5 and 6. Yours Truly will be on campus that afternoon (10/4) to take team and individual sports photos. The student athletes need to bring their jerseys on this day.

" Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better."

CAPPA Countdown!
Apples For Sale!....CAPPA' s biggest fund raiser is going on now. Please support our effort by selling or buying some delicious apples. All proceeds go towards teacher appreciation, field day, and other activities around our school. Contact Chris Cammarata. with any questions. 
Other ways to support CAPPA include Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to Chesapeake Academy. Our first "Final  Friday" will be  October 27.  

Don't forget to also register your charity of choice as Chesapeake Academy on AmazonSmiles. Amazon will then give a portion of your total purchase cost back to CA. You only have to register once and it works along with your prime account as well. 

There is also the for unique, environmentally friendly products. They, again, will donate a portion of your total purchase price back to CA.

Thank you for supporting our school. CAPPA's role is to enhance everyone's experience here at Chesapeake Academy. Don't forget about our first open meeting  Wednesday, October 11, here on campus (8:30 a.m.).

"We cannot fix it all. But we can all do something."
Bishop Michael Curry 

Bivalves, Beverages, and a Great Band! What's Not to Love?
Chesapeake  Academy  is welcoming back The Phun Doctors Band who will perform at the 16th annual Community Oyster Roast on October 14 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.  

Ticket holders will enjoy dancing to the music of this premier classic rock and oldies band from Chesapeake, VA.  Tickets that were held for parents until September 20 have been released into the general pool, so if you are hoping to attend, please purchase your ticket today before we are sold out!

If you are a parent who is a ticket holder, you are asked to volunteer one hour during the evening of the event to prepare/cook food, serve food, work the oyster roasting pit, sell raffle tickets or t-shirts, or anything that needs to be done.  We can't make this event happen without help!!!  You can also sign-up to sell raffle tickets at Tri-Star on Fridays or at NN Burger on Saturdays until the event.  

C all Catherine Emry at 804.438.5575 or email her today,, to tell her how you can help!

THE Attitude is Gratitude
  • Thanks to Student Council for hosting a babysitting service for Lower School Students. Sponsor Kim Dynia, and officers Larkin Denton, Rebecca Meberg, Adair Stanley, and Elizabeth Stanley provided games and a pizza dinner for 22 children!  All funds raised go to hurricane relief efforts. 
  • Thanks to Kimberly Dynia for her leadership of Student Council in prepping Relief Kits for storm victims that were purchased from the proceeds of the special tag day.
  • Thanks to Joshua Abbott and Calista Nelson for unpacking new computers. We love the way our Ospreys dive in to help.
  • Much gratitude flowing toward Ms. Julie Thostensen for helping to plan and plant a butterfly garden and plan a fairy garden for the extended day set behind Wiley.
  • Those Athletics Boosters have provided some very popular concessions at our recent home games!  Much appreciated!
  • Thanks to Chief Chauffer, Coach York, for driving the bus to bring Bethel Preschool to the Performing Arts and Lecture Series.  We love having them join the fun!

Don't Miss the Dates!
10/2 Golf hosts @ The Golden Eagle, 3:30 p.m.
10/3 Soccer @ Ware JV @ 3:30 and V @ 5:00 p.m.
10/4 Dress Uniform / Picture Day
10/5 Middle School Departs for Inward Bound
10/6 Middle School Returns from Inward Bound
10/9 Columbus Day, No School
10/10 Volleyball @ ACDS 4:00 p.m.
10/11 Golf @ Piankatank 3:30 p.m.; CAPPA Meeting, 8:30 a.m.
10/11 Pre-K 3&4 to the Pumpkin Patch
10/12 Soccer @ ACDS JV @ 3/30, V @ 5:00 p.m.
10/13 Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day
10/14 Oyster Roast
10/14 Walk for Water, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
10/17 Chesapeake Bay Foundation Field Trip for Fourth Grade
10/17 ISAC Soccer Tournament
10/18 PALS Virginia Opera
10/19 ISAC Soccer Tournament
10/22 VAIS Visiting Team Arrives
10/24 VAIS Visiting Team Departs
10/26 Volleyball ISAC Tournament

Departing summer hath assumed
An aspect tenderly illumed,
The gentlest look of spring;
That calls from yonder leafy shade
Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,
A timely carolling.
William Wordsworth, " September"

At Chesapeake Academy, we seek...
  • to prepare each student for his or her future academic, ethical, social, and physical endeavors
  • to provide a nurturing environment where students build confidence as they rise to the challenge of developing new skills
  • to model creativity, ignite curiosity, demonstrate commitment and flexibility, work as a team, and lay the foundation for lifelong learning in our students so our students demonstrate the same values
  • to foster strong relationships between students and teachers to allow teachers to know students well and address each student's learning style
  • to cultivate an interconnected community of learners where friendship, consideration, responsibility, and leadership thrive
  • to embrace each other's beliefs and differences and discover that diversity enriches us
  • to work in harmony with parents, teachers, and students for the students' academic achievement and personal growth
  • to encourage self-discovery and self-expression through the integration of the arts
  • to promote life-long fitness and character development through athletics
  • to engage in school wide and community service so that students are comfortable expressing their ideas and assuming leadership roles
  • to develop global citizens who value a pluralistic society and who have the skills to tackle 21st century challenges
These powerful statements are excerpted from the Chesapeake Academy Philosophy Statement.

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