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April 13, 2017

Summer schedule: Join us and Join In!
PortSide's Summer schedule is coming together.  We hope you can join us - and more importantly - join in and volunteer at some of these events.

Second Sunday TankerTime is back, this time with an exciting musical coda. There will also be school projects, MARY WHALEN's birthday, an electric car race zipping right by us and, it goes without saying, a lecture on Existential Navigational Math. 

People increasingly approach us with ideas, so there may be more.

As ever, if you want to come paint or varnish, get in touch.


School Programs

Monday 4/24/17, 11-5pm
We could use help in prepping before the kids arrive.  Forty middle school students from schools from around the world + 20 adults will be here from 2-4pm, touring the MARY, sanding the MARY (paint prep), and building a floating dock. We could use volunteers to help with the tours, assist the kids with the hands-on projects, and just help with the general flow of handling that many people in a short period of time. 

Saturdays 4/22, 5/6, 5/21, and 6/3, hours TBD
Calling all marine life specialists and naturalists! Can you help supervise a student group?   We are working on a project " Look who's here " with the Stuyvesant HS Environmental Club (SEC) to create an inventory of nature in Atlantic Basin to add to Red Hook WaterStories.  This will also create the basis for school curricula.  On Saturdays, the students will be here monitoring our new Billion Oyster Project cage and other traps, testing water, photographing those critters, maybe doing a clean-up of the weedy patch astern of the MARY. One of our college interns will be here those days, and we would like an adult site supervisor.  It's great if you know the nature stuff, but not necessary.


TankerTime with "WaterStories of the Wine Dark Sea."
Second Sundays,  May thru Sept:

Sunday, 5/14
Sunday, 6/11
Sunday, 7/9
Sunday, 8/13
Sunday, 9/10

We need staff from 4 pm-midnight.  

PortSide needs volunteers to help set up furniture, welcome visitors, monitor the deck to prevent unsafe activity, answer questions about PortSide and the MARY, and tidy up. 

PortSide opens the main deck of the ship to the public at 5pm. 

We provide furniture and selections from our maritime library. People, young and old, bring meals, cocktails, reading, and loved ones to experience the sea of NYC. Exciting and new this year, we will end the night with a Mediterranean-inspired music jam called "WaterStories of the Wine Dark Sea,"  a nod to Homer's description of the Med as a wine dark sea. That runs from 9 pm to midnight.

Sunday, 5/21/17, 9am-6pm.  TankerTours on the occasion of the MARY WHALEN's 79th Birthday.  We are open 10am-5pm and need folks an hour before and after.

Friday,  7/14/17, TBD, we are part of  Formula E car race weekend.

We expect hundreds of people at each event. We need volunteers to staff the reception table, give tours (we will train) and keep things organized. 

Just two people needed for this one. Set up starts at 8pm. The event starts at nautical twilight or 9:02pm.

Thursday 6/15/17  Existential Navigational Math with  Laurent Derobert

June 1, ferry service next to the MARY!
The new citywide ferry service,  now called NYC Ferry will have a stop yards from the MARY! It will connect Bay Ridge, the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Red Hook and Brooklyn Bridge Park to Wall Street. You can connect to the Rockaway ferry and get to the beach from here.

(2) Free tickets to Trevor Noah show!
The Trevor Noah Show has invited PortSide to see a live taping on April 25 (5pm).

As a thank you to our loyal volunteers, we are offering one pass to the first two people who reply to us.

With appreciation,

Carolina Salguero
Founder & President
PortSide NewYork

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