After a 3-year hiatus, we returned to Uganda to celebrate our graduates, build a network for the future, plant a tree and see firsthand how our friends and students survived and are making plans after the pandemic.


-Epic party

-Hands-on learning

-Reforestation plants hope

-Support Annie's marathon run

-Graduate spotlight

-Survival lessons

-Building a network

-Let's get social

Epic party

There’s a saying in Uganda, “when one celebrates, all celebrate” which loosely translates to epic parties. Such was the recent celebration for graduate and new Grant Thornton employee, Lawrence. Read more

Hands-on learning

Our vocational students are learning workplace skills that will help them be successful entrepreneurs. We watched future tailors, mechanics and metalworks masters in the making. Read more

Reforestation plants hope

There’s something magical about planting a tree and imagining how it will grow. We experienced this during a recent tour of the Bethany Land Institute (BLI) Lazarus Forest.

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Support Annie's marathon run!

Join Team Annie! Please support OHU board member and St. Andrew teacher, Annie McGuire, as she raises money for OHU with her Chicago Marathon run. She’s dedicating her run to raise funds for higher education tuition coverage for qualifying OHU students. Donate here

Graduate spotlight

Self-determined and smart, Eurica, capitalized on her OHU scholarship and achieved a rewarding job. Now, she's caring for a young orphan. Read more

Survival lesson

Like people all over the world, the pandemic brought hardship to Uganda. We witnessed their survival spirit at work and experienced their creative approach to self-reliance. 


Building A Network

Graduates and post-secondary students gathered in Kampala to share their challenges, successes and dreams for the future. They’re building a network to pay it forward. Read more 

Let’s get social

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