Summer 2017


We closed our fiscal year on June 30th, and are currently in the middle of our annual audit. We have exciting news to share as we have conclude our sixth year of operations. During the last twelve months, we had the largest number ever of new investors, and the highest amount of total investments in our short history. Additionally, we can also report a record amount loaned out to UPCI churches all across the United States. Here are some statistics of the last twelve months we hope will be of great significance to investors:
  • Investments: $9.3 million received (Average from the last three years was 8.4M.)
  • Principal payments made to us: $5.3 million (Most was loaned back out again.)
  • New loans: $14.3 million (Largest year ever.)
  • Average renewal of matured investments: 83%
We ended the year with $37.9 million in total assets, and are happy to tell our investors that out of our 90 loans, we still do not have any delinquencies. 

As President of the Loan Fund, I want to personally thank you for the continued confidence shown to us by your investment. You are truly making a difference for churches and congregations needing assistance to better reach their communities with the Apostolic message. We have two new stories in this edition from churches we have closed loans with in the last twelve months. Be blessed as you find out more about them.

-Stephen M. Drury

Lighthouse Church of Independence
Loyd W. Shaw was the founding pastor of the church in Independence, Missouri back in July of 1964, and he named it Independence United Pentecostal Church. He built the first and second phases of this church, and pastored a stable and growing church until his retirement in 1989. Following his retirement, the church went through a great transitional time with several pastors, eventually changing its name to Lighthouse Church of Independence. 

On January 30th,  2011, Pastor Rodney M. Barlow and First Lady Barlow, along with their two sons Rodney and Deaven, were installed as the pastors of Lighthouse Church. Funds were very low at that time, and to save money, the Barlow family moved into the basement of the church to begin the work of rebuilding the fellowship in that city. With the help of the Lord, combined with much prayer, fasting, outreach, sacrifice and giving, the church began to grow again.
While there was forward momentum, the debt that was overhead seemed to be limiting long-term options and progress for the church and its future. There was simply not enough extra in the funds to do any more than just operate on a basic level. This would keep Lighthouse in the same place financially year after year, even though Pastor Barlow and his church had a bigger vision. They continued to pray and believe, and though they could not see it yet, a door was beginning to open.

In 2016, their mortgage holder decided they would lower Lighthouse's current debt by $25,000 if a lump sum payment could be arranged for the remaining amount. It was a blessing from the Lord. Lighthouse went to the local banks to seek financing to pay off their lender. Unfortunately, they quickly realized that they did not meet a lot of the requirements for traditional commercial lending. But they knew this was their chance. The Lord had opened a door.

That is when the Lord brought the United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund to Pastor Barlow's memory. He quickly connected with the Fund, and after a review of the church's finances, they were able to qualify for a loan. With that financing in place, Lighthouse Church could pay off their existing debt and take over the ownership of the property.

Yet that was just the beginning! With the funds that the UPC Loan Fund provided, they were also able to put on a new roof, repave the parking lot, renovate the kitchen, and upgrade basement facilities and classrooms. Because of those upgrades, Lighthouse has just passed the most important requirements to be able to open Little Lights Preschool Center in August of this year. This preschool will be a dynamic vehicle to help contribute financially to the long-term growth and vision to minister in the city of Independence for God's glory. 


We know you have many options when it comes to investing. When you partner with the UPC Loan Fund, you are not only earning interest, you are also helping churches across our nation to build and expand their ability to reach souls. 

We offer one, three, and five-year investment terms starting at $2,500 minimum investment. We also offer Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional and ROTH), and Coverdell Educational Saving Accounts starting at $50 minimum investment. Check our current rates below, or learn more on our website today.


Living Hope United Pentecostal Church was birthed in 1999, when Reverend Roger Betterley and his wife Vicki heard the call of God to plant a church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They started the church as a daughter work out of the United Pentecostal Church of Lewisburg where they were converted and served in ministry for eight years. 

For their first service, the Betterley family of six plus two college students gathered in a local hotel. For the next three and a half years, the church met weekly at that location, growing through weekly outreach. As the church grew, extra rooms had to be rented to hold Sunday school classes. As the congregation started outgrowing the meeting space, they purchased their first building in 2004.

The new facility was a God-send to the congregation, allowing them to expand their service times and providing more visibility within the community. The facility had an attached parsonage in which the Betterley family could live, allowing them have a permanent residence in Williamsport. Over the course of the next six years, the congregation grew from 40 people to around 100 people in Sunday morning attendance. 

The church then found themselves reaching a plateau. Their facility had seating for 120 people in the sanctuary, three classrooms, a small fellowship hall, four bathroom stalls, and a small parking lot. What had been room to grow for a congregation of 40 was a stifling problem for a congregation of 100. People would have to double park for services, classrooms were uncomfortably crowded, bathroom lines were the norm, and the lack of handicap accessibility made it difficult to grow any further. Pastor Betterley and the saints were continually looking at buildings and property to purchase, but door after door was closed.

In late 2015, God impressed Pastor Betterley that there was a church for them on the west side of town. The church began to focus outreach in the area and to pray for the doors to open. In May of 2016, they heard of a church closing due to dwindling attendance. Pastor Betterley drove by the facility to check it out. The pastor let him know they were having a business meeting that very night on whether to close the church. He showed Pastor Betterley through the facility, which exceeded expectations in every way. Living Hope was able to negotiate the purchase of the building for $480,000 before it ever hit the market, but was unable to find financing options. Pastor Betterley contacted the UPC Loan Fund, and the church was blessed to obtain the loan and close in time.

The 13,500-square foot facility can seat over 250, has 6 large classrooms, more office space, full kitchen, large fellowship hall, handicap elevator, large parking lot, and 4.5 acres of property. Since moving into the facility, Living Hope has been featured twice in full-page articles of the local newspaper, seen first time visitors on a weekly basis, and seen souls converted. Through the favor of God and the financing of the UPC Loan Fund, Living Hope is positioned for growth for years to come.

3rd Annual Investor Appreciation Luncheon

We would once again like to invite our wonderful investors and Loan Fund pastors to join us for an Appreciation Luncheon at General Conference. We will be featuring short presentations from some of our churches so investors can see first hand where their investment dollars are going, and hear the amazing stories that are unfolding in our congregations across the country. We will have attendance prizes, and spouses are also welcome. Formal invitations to follow soon.
When: Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Where: Kansas City Convention Center, Room 2215-C
Time: 2:15 PM


Is your congregation outgrowing your building? Are your facilities in need of serious updates or repairs? Is your current mortgage payment crippling your church's finances?

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Stephen M. Drury, President
Susanna Drury, Investor Relations & Office Manager
Rebecca Rhoten-Batchelor, Executive Secretary & Newsletter Editor


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