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Water Friendly Tips For Your Next Camping Trip
Camping- one of the many joys of summer. From endless daylight, to experiencing nature in fun and new ways, to connecting with loved ones around the fire, camping is a timeless summer activity for many in the Pacific Northwest. Washingtonians love camping so much, researchers estimated that over 2,000,000 went camping in 2013.  That’s a lot of people enjoying the great outdoors.

Whether you’re experiencing nature in your RV, with a tent in the back of your car, or with just a backpack and a pair of hiking boots, there are a couple things to keep in mind to make your camping trip as water-friendly as possible and to help preserve our natural spaces for generations to come.

Puget Sound Starts Here has a great write-up on everything you need to know to make your next outdoor adventure as water-friendly as possible, from how to dispose of dirty dish water, to where to poop in the backcountry.
Smart Summer Watering
With the rain we've had recently, watering your garden probably hasn't been a top priority. Things are sure to dry out again soon though, so prepare yourself for the sun to return with these smart summering water tips. They will help keep your plants healthy and happy, and save you money on your next water bill:

  1. Water early in the morning or later in the evening to lessen evaporation from the mid-day sun.
  2. Water infrequently but deeply to get water all the way to the roots and to prevent diseases.
  3. Water slowly to give it a chance to soak in and to prevent runoff.

For more smart watering tips and natural yard care ideas visit
Don't Get Eaten Alive This Summer
Mosquitoes can be brutal, and no one enjoys being covered in itchy bug bites. If mosquitoes are an issue on your property, and keep you from enjoying your outdoor spaces, check out this Mosquito Info Sheet with information about the City's role in managing mosquitoes, as well as simple steps you can take to manage them at home.

Did you know....

  • Only adult female mosquitoes bite.

  • Birds, fish, dragonflies, spiders, frogs and other insects all prey on mosquitoes.

  • The City does not use pesticides to treat any stormwater ponds.
Summer Curb Marking Help Needed
Have you noticed those small, round, colorful signs next to storm drains that say "Puget Sound Starts Here?" Those are curb markers, and they help inform people about where our rainwater goes. Many of the curb markers in the City are old and peeling off, so we are looking for volunteers who can help replace the old ones in their neighborhoods. If you are interested, email or call 253-835-2704.
Free Knife Sharpening & Repair for Electronics, Clothing and More!
Do you have electronics, furniture and clothing sitting around that needs to be repaired? Don’t trash them — bring it to South King Tool Library 's FREE Repair Café on Saturday, August 3, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 1700 S 340th St, Federal Way.
You can bring any small non-gas-powered items from home that needs to be repaired. Our electronics fixers have repaired blenders, coffee pots, lamps, rice cookers, mixers, sewing machines, kid's toys and more. Our sewing fixers have patched holes in the knees of jeans, repaired pant hems, replaced buttons, mended shirts/sweaters with holes and more. There will also be an expert at sharpening knives and gardening tools!
You must be present during the repair. There are no guarantees an item can be fixed, or that attempting to fix it won’t break it more.

Drop Off Electronics, Shredding, Styrofoam & More at Recycling Event 
The City holds free recycling events each spring and fall for residents to drop off a variety of items that are not typically collected at the curb and/or banned from disposal. The next event will be held Saturday,September 21, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the Wild Waves parking lot at 36892 Milton Rd S, Federal Way.
The Recycling Event Brochure with full details on accepted items, restrictions and load order will be malied to households in late August:
·      Scrap lumber
·      Branches & stumps
·      Scrap metal & appliances
·      Refrigerators & freezers
·      Confidential documents for shredding
·      Mattresses
·      Tires
·      Electronics
·      Batteries
·      Styrofoam blocks & packing peanuts
·      Cardboard, books & magazines
·      Reusable household items
·      Tools for South King Tool Library
·      Bicycles & Parts for Bikes for Kids