June 2019

Can you afford the high cost of inefficient cooling this summer? An effective, proactive HVAC preventive maintenance program with Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can ensure that your facility and budget aren’t overheated due to expensive, reactive repairs. Don't let your relationship with your HVAC system become heated this summer! 
Energy Efficiency Recommendations for
Commercial Buildings
Electricity and gas bills represent a large share of operating costs in commercial buildings. When building upgrades are selected properly, every dollar invested upfront is recovered many times in the long run. It is even possible to upgrade a building for zero net cost.
Summertime Energy Saving Tips!
Are you looking for ways to positively affect your company's bottom line this summer? Making a few adjustments to the management of your facility is a step in the right direction. Here are a few easy summertime energy saving tips to help get you started...
HVAC systems can keep building occupants cool and comfortable, but did you know without proper cleaning and maintenance, they can also spread bacteria and mold throughout a building? Condensation and evaporation can build up within a system's coils and, over time, allow bacteria and mold to develop and be distributed throughout the building. 

Bacteria and mold build up on coils can also cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently and increase operating costs. With more cooling demands in the summer, when was the last time your coils were properly cleaned and maintained?
How green is your state? A new report details which states are sustainability superstars. Check out what states are doing their part to save the environment and which ones need to shape up. Where does your state rank? 

Source: Wallet Hub

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