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Greetings from Rachel!
Organic Garden Sprays
Gardening is wonderful but the pests that sometimes invade our gardens, are not!
This article was written by Tim Blank, the creator of the Tower Garden. It lists three organic garden sprays that kill almost every pest! 
Why Grow Your Own
5 reasons to grow your own produce:

1 - Growing food can save you money.


2 - Food you grow is guaranteed to be fresh.


3 - Homegrown produce doesn't get recalled.


4 - Commercially grown produce often lacks nutrients.


5 - You control what goes in (and on) your food.

Happy June everyone! Wherever your interests lie - exercise, food, gardening - we hope this edition will inspire you!

Prevent Cancer - Move More!
For Father's Day, take your favorite guy out for a walk, a run, a ride, etc. If they're not yet regularly exercising, encourage them to start: exercising may prevent certain kinds of cancer, a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine found.

The researchers studied 1.44 million participants over an average of 11 years. They discovered that people with the highest levels of physical activity were 7 percent less likely to develop any kind of cancer than those who exercised the least.

In particular, the researchers found that exercise had a protective effect on men for several cancers. Click here for details.

Shoot for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise-like brisk walking-or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise-like jogging-combined with 2 or more days of strength training each week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends.

P.S. - if you're curious about the impact of JP+ and athletes, click here.
Different Salad Greens, who wins?
Salad greens:  the options are (almost) endless! There's kale, spinach, watercress, mesclun, iceberg, and more.

If you're wondering which is best, the answer is: it depends.
Salad greens vary mightily in their nutritional profile and health benefits. But other factors may influence your choice on any given day, such as whether you're eating them pre or post-workout, as well as what the season is. And since nothing kills your intentions to eat well like monotony, having a rotation of favorite salad greens is a better idea than always sticking to one type.
BBQ time!
Will you be firing up the BBQ this Father's Day?

From creative sauces to BBQ fruit, 
this post will inspire you with many fresh new grilling ideas! 
EVENT:  Attacking Disease & Anti-Aging
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