St. Martin's Weekly E-Newsletter
July 30, 2020
To seek God, and be Christ’s body in the world
The Joint Vestries and Search Committees of St. Martin's Church and Christ Church are pleased to announce that The Rev. Veronika Travis has accepted the call for being our new shared Rector. Her start date is September 1st. To read more about this exciting news, please click here !
Preparing for Sunday

Jesus said to them, "They need not go away; you give them something to eat." -Matthew 14:16
REFLECT: The Feeding of the Five Thousand is a special story because it recalls the many times in the past when God acted to feed his people, reminding the Early Christians of the miraculous meal they celebrated regularly when they gathered for the breaking of the Bread. Jesus wanted his disciples to think not in terms of what they did not have but rather in terms of what God had given them … a theology of plenty. The message in our Gospel lesson is that if we will embrace a challenge, bringing forward what we have, no matter how little, then God will do the rest. We trust that God will provide.

Individual Christians must never be so wrapped up in their own problems or concerns that they withdraw from the world and refuse to provide the help and support when others are in need. We are called to be generous and share. “You give them something to eat!”
All people deserve our concern simply by virtue of being in need, hungry, lost, and alone. The love of God is like a mother who has fixed a meal that provides enough for all who are hungry. This story reminds us of what God can do when we give him what we have. Five loaves and two fish were not very much. Then Jesus said those amazing words: Bring them to me! Suddenly what seemed like very little became the vehicle for a remarkable accomplishment.

PRAY: Glorious God, your generosity floods the world with goodness and you shower creation with abundance. Awaken in us a hunger for food to satisfy both body and heart, that in the miracle of being fed we may be empowered to feed the hungry in Jesus' name. Amen.
This Week's Schedule

Thursday, July 30
2:00pm Bible Discussion- Zoom

Sunday, August 2
Rev. Dr. Karl Krueger, Celebrant at all services
8:00am* Holy Eucharist— YOUTUBE
8:30am - CCI: Outdoor Spoken Service
9:15am - CCI: Indoor Service, with Music
10:00am Summer Sunday School-ZOOM ( email Deb Parker for details)
10:30am - SMC: Indoor Service, with Music

Tuesday, August 4
5:30pm Worship Planning Meeting

Wednesday, August 5
10:00am Staff Meeting-ONSITE, masked & socially distanced
12:00pm Noonday Prayer- ZOOM

Thursday, August 6
2:00pm Bible Study- ZOOM

*After 8:00am, the YouTube service is available for "anytime" viewing.
Service Schedule
New Service Time

For August we have one supply priest, Fr. Karl. The new service times for August are:

8:30 am - CCI: Outdoor Spoken Service
9:15 am - CCI: Indoor Service, with Music
10:30 am - SMC: Indoor Service, with Music
Recorded services will continue to be available on St. Martin's YouTube channel premiering at 8:00 AM on Sundays.

If planning to attend either of the CCI services, you must register by emailing Nancy McLaughlin, CCI's Administrator, at

NOTE: This schedule will be reevaluated after a week or two to see how it’s working and if we need to adapt. Questions? Please contact Sandy Reinhardt, Rector's Warden, at
Noonday Prayer
Midweek Spiritual Connection

August 5 is the first Wednesday of the month and we will continue noonday prayer (on the first and third Wednesday each month) using Zoom at 12 pm. Join us for the Zoom call then. If you have any questions or would like to test using your phone, tablet, or computer to call into a Zoom meeting, please contact Deb Parker .
Here are the Zoom details for 12:00 PM on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
or Call: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 928 7196 7908
Bible Study
Thursday's Bible Discussion

Each Thursday adults at Christ Church and St. Martin's gather via Zoom to read scripture and discuss the relevance to our lives. You are invited to join us any week because each discussion stands alone. Currently, there is a focus on the prophets in the Old Testament, and how their messages resonate today. We continue to use art to give us a visual image of how artists in the past created an understanding of a Bible passage. The Presiding Bishop's video messages are another source of inspiration that help spark conversation. Once again we will be on Zoom and if anyone would like to test the Zoom connection or talk more about this discussion group, please contact Deb Parker.

Here are the Zoom details:
or Call: 646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 938 4282 6315
Sunday School
Summer Sundays-Bridge Building

On Sunday, July 26 we wove our way in and out of labyrinths. Labyrinths are pathways connecting us with God. One pedestrian bridge in Indiana even has a labyrinth in the middle, so halfway across the river you can wind your way in and out of a classical labyrinth before continuing your journey. It is enjoyable to take time for a detour from our day to day life to connect more closely with the divine, because a labyrinth is a way to pray with your feet. Learn more from the Labyrinth Society .
For the first Sunday in August we will be talking about balance. Bridges that are not balanced are precarious. Some playscapes have cords or thin bars that bridge a gap from one part of the playscape to another. In these cases, there are handholds, railings, dangling rings, or other ways to make sure those crossing the gap can stay securely on the "bridge" even when it is narrow or challenging. I once was at leadership training and adults were challenged to cross a long 2x2 inch bridge (about 1 foot off the ground) and I am not meant for tightrope walking! My balance is poor. So 1/2 my fellow team members lined up on one side like a human chain, reaching out to help me cross to the middle. There others from the other side led me the rest of the way across. I still remember how wonderful I felt both by succeeding and by having so many around me to support my effort. I expect the children and teens will have their own stories to share about balance and teamwork when we talk on Sunday. I look forward to the conversation.

Each Summer Sunday stands alone, and guests are always welcome. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Deb.
Adults and children of all ages are welcome to join in the Zooming fun!
Here are the meeting details:
or Call: 646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 919 360 689
Thank You!
A Farewell for Now

Fr. David's last Sunday this summer was July 26th, and the children shared a video showing him we appreciate what he has done to support us. Since last fall's paternity leave, Fr. David visited the classrooms and took an active interest in the children's midrash creations. We wish him well. For now, it is simply, "Thank You." To view the video on YouTube, please click here .
Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

Thank you to everyone who participated in our program to supply cleaning and hygiene items for our neighbors at Highland Homes. We delivered 15 bags filled with supplies, and they were overwhelmed by our generosity. The residents greatly appreciated our understanding that there is also a need for "every day" and often overlooked items.
Onsite Worship
Pray In-Person

We have a new onsite worship time at 10:30 AM for those over 18 years old, are symptom-free and comfortable with attending. Please remember to -
  • Check in with the usher providing your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Wear a face mask at all times, except when receiving communion.
  • Socially Distance a minimum 6 feet.
  • Follow the worshiping protocols in the bulletin.
  • Hold any informal post-service gathering outside while masked and socially distanced.
Thank you!

Click here for more detailed information about this COVID-19 etiquette. Questions or concerns may be directed to Sandy Reinhardt, our Rector’s Warden, by phone at 610-247-5954 or email at
Episcopal Community
ECS Virtual Events

MindSet: An inside look at MindSet, a program designed to support families on their paths to economic independence. Meet a participant and a coach.
Thursday, July 30, from 10:30am to 11:20am

St. Barnabas Mission: Speak with the director of St. Barnabas Mission to learn how services are coordinated and offered on site by ECS and partner organizations to help families gain stability.
Thursday, August 27, from 10:30am to 11:20am

Seeing Youth Succeed: Find out how this program for teens enables them to discern and build confidence in their futures with an empowering curriculum and a cohort of peers.
Thursday, September 24, from 10:30am to 11:20am

For more information or to register for these FREE events, please visit
Chicken Farm Initiative Update

SWIC is delighted to share that two reconstructed farms, owned by Evan/Badri and Raid, became operational up on the Nineveh Plains in January and February 2020. Eighteen family members benefited from one-time grants for reconstructing coops and restarting the farm operations. Each farmer was able to purchase a minimum of 3,000 chicks, along with the fodder, veterinary care, and other supplies, to raise the chickens to maturity.

A third new farm was funded at the end of June for Janan, and we just received word that the farm is doing well. The chickens are growing to maturity and will be ready for market in August. In spite of COVID-19 and other challenges, the Chicken Farm Initiative continues to grow. The farmers in Iraq express gratitude to all the donors who give so generously so the farms can be rebuilt.
Follow us on Facebook to see more details and pictures!
The New Norm

From social distancing, sanitizing, hand-washing, and staying-at-home, new "norms" are in full effect. Here is a St. Martin's summary:

Helping Others-
  • Making masks: to sew, purchase materials, or financially support this effort, please contact Janice Martin (of CCI) at or 610-645-4540.

Weekly Giving-
  • Mail: 400 King of Prussia Rd, Radnor, PA 19087
  • Online: Donate button on St. Martin's Home page
  • Drop-off: during office hours

Office Hours:
  • Mondays and Fridays: 9am-3:30pm
  • Wednesdays: 9am-12:30pm

Sundays' Activities:
  • Summer Sunday School: 10am-Zoom
  • 8:00 AM Worship Service via YouTube
  • 10:30 AM Onsite Worship (25 person limit)

Weekday Activities:
  • Midweek Prayer Service via Zoom: 12pm, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
  • Bible Discussion: 2:00pm Thursdays -Zoom
The Lectionary
Sunday's Readings can be found on the Worship page at St. Martin's website .

Isaiah 55:1-5
Psalm 145: 8-9, 15-22
Romans 9:1-5
Matthew 14:13-21