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Executive Greeting

June tends to be a time of celebrating milestones and appreciating legacies. Whether it's 8th grade, high school or university, graduations are on the mind. And this month, we're honoring Fathers for the foresight and care they provide for their family.

When it comes to planning well for major milestones and taking care of your internal "employee family," National Communications Services, Inc. (NCS) can help you:
  • Plan your company's communications improvement journey
  • Increase productivity within your teams (internally and externally) using fully-integrated and secure instant messaging, desktop-sharing, collaboration and voice technology
  • Move expenses from capital expenditures to operating expenses, improving your company's financial bottom-line
With over 25 years of proven experience as a trusted advisor, NCS specializes in Microsoft-based cloud services and modern communications. Our expertise in these areas has evolved from a long-standing heritage of traditional on-premise telephony, applications, and communications infrastructure.

We hope you find the information and articles in this newsletter helpful. I'd value your feedback and we look forward to assisting you in achieving your next milestone!


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NCS Enterprise-Class Advantages

Office 365 is built for your business
Strengthen your business with the right tools to build and grow, while also empowering a connected internal team. Collaborate better with customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools, from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing. What can Office 365 do for your business?

Skype for Business drives modern communications transformation
As real-timecommunications and collaboration become increasingly vital to getting work done, companies are turning to Skype for Business for all of their conferencing and calling needs. People around the globe conduct over one billion meetings per year on the Skype network, and usage of Skype for Business Online has doubled in the last year. Find out if you might already own Skype for Business as part of your Office 365 licenses.

Microsoft Modern Communications Tech Talk

Protect Windows Server System State to cloud with Azure Backup!
One of the key endeavors of the cloud-first approach of Azure Backup is to empower enterprises to recover from security attacks, corruptions, disasters, or data loss situations quickly, securely, and reliably. Restoring servers efficiently in the wake of evolving IT threats goes going beyond only recovering data alone from backups. Read more about the diverse configuration options for businesses.

Empower employees in the digital workplace with Secure Productive Enterprise
Securing productivity, collaboration and enterprise data is critically important as organizations digitally transform. Microsoft is committed to delivering a new approach to secure this transition with their new Secure Productive Enterprise offering. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) provides an identity-driven security solution that offers a holistic approach to the security challenges in this mobile-first, cloud-first era. Learn about how these technologies not only help you protect your organization but also help you identify breaches before they cause damage.
NCS Web Seminar Collection
Microsoft, AudioCodes and National Communications Services, Inc. have partnered on a series of webinar events covering modern communications. Learn more about how to identify the right telephony solution for your business – whether your roadmap plans are all-in-the-cloud, entirely on-premise, or you choose to take a hybrid approach! View the recordings here.

Offers and Promotions
Enjoy a complimentary Cloud PBX Consultation with NCS experts. Chart the steps to incorporate modern communications into your existing telephony/communications infrastructure. Find out how utilizing Microsoft's integrated email, instant messaging and calling capabilities can launch your business ahead of your competition. Contact us today to schedule a conversation.

Practical Help in Navigating Change
Explore valuable resource materials ranging from local customer case studies to technical application notes. Helpful whitepaper content, data sheets, as well our new, interactive Q&A compilation will help you navigate answers to the industry's most frequently asked questions. Take a look and you may discover something new!

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Created in 1990, National Communications Services, Inc. (NCS) provides a broad range of IT Infrastructure and Communication services to large Enterprise and Small & Midsized Business customers, both locally and nationally. We work with clients such as yourself to design and implement solutions that enable your business to reduce costs and increase productivity by empowering your employees, customers and business partners to better communicate and collaborate through fully-integrated, best-in-class communications solutions. NCS is a top-tier Managed Microsoft Partner and we hold the privileged position of being a Preferred Microsoft Onsite Vendor.

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In the global Microsoft Partner Network, NCS is in the top one percent of Partner companies earning the Gold Communications Competency.

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