Summertime and the Business is Easy: 
Use Our Technology to Reach Remote Clients!

Staying competitive means you've got to provide excellent service no matter what, even during the summer months when clients are far away on vacation. When you use CFS/SPF remote delivery Signature Services, you can take care of your customers no matter how remote they are. Let us show you what to look for in remote delivery tools.

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Connie L. Gregory
SVP, Business Development
CUSO Financial Services, LP and
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC
Summertime and the Business is Easy  

August means backyard BBQs, swimming, and summer trips. It also means your customers are far away on vacation and not available to come into the branch to meet their advisor.

So, what can you do to service these "remote customers?" Use Remote Delivery tech tools to help them manage their investments on-the-go, that's what!

CFS and SPF offer integrated Remote Delivery technology services that allow advisors to service their remote customers from start to finish, all without coming into the branch.

Our remote delivery " Signature Services" are your summer technology super heroes. Here's a quick list of our helpful tools. Email Connie and request a full copy of this article to get details on each tool. 

Foundation - dataVISION
Prospecting - the FMC
Engaging - BuildMyProfile™
Advising - Financial Planning
Transacting - SendMyDocs™
Servicing - MyPortfolioView
Servicing - HBI

When it's summer time and you want to service your remote customers, turn to CFS/SPF. Our technology revolutionizes the way your advisors and clients work together: anytime, anywhere.

See how we can help advance your investment program to its next level of success and profitability. Contact Connie Gregory today at or 858-530-4440. 
Remote Delivery Technology 

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