Seneca Past and Present 
June Newsletter
Issue #2015-06
June 10, 2015
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Our first summertime meeting will be THURSDAY, July 2, 2015, at 6 pm in Seneca's Media Center.  Come see how you can give back to your school in the coming academic year!

Academic Year Draws to a Close

The Class of 2015 was sent off with lots of great activities at the end of the school year and Seneca Past and Present was there in force!  On Tuesday, June 2, Seneca Past and Present provided lunch for the graduates as they walked the halls one more time before graduation.  At the Senior Breakfast and Uniform Exchange on Friday, June 5, we collected uniforms and provided breakfast as we welcomed the new graduates as members of Seneca Past and Present. 


The 2015 Commencement took place on Monday, June 8.  There was a special seating section for alumni.  We hope you were able to make it!

New Board and Officers

Congratulations to everyone elected to the Seneca Past and Present Board of Directors and Officers!

Frank Binford '62 - Chairman of the Board and President

Grover Sales '69 - Board Member and Vice President

Ray Brown '69 - Board Member

Marilyn Whitnel Sadler '62 - Board Member

Dan Wise '05 - Board Member

Sandi Poulter Neat '79 - Secretary


If anyone is interested in finding out more about serving in any of these capacities, please come to our meetings to get involved!

Scholarship News

On Monday, June 1, Seneca Past and Present awarded our annual scholarships at the Senior Awards Ceremony.  Danielle Kinder and Yovani Castaneda were this year's recipients.  Each scholar received $500 to assist with expenses at the school of their choice.

Approved by JCPS!


Recent Seneca Past and Present donations have been approved by JCPS.  Seneca Past and Present purchased a new copier for the Media Center. JCPS also approved our $25,000 donation to help refurbish the weight room so that all scholar athletes will have a better conditioning experience.  Before and after pictures to come soon! 
Planning a Reunion?


...Then let us know!  We want to have any and all information about reunions being planned so that we can provide support and put the information up on our webpage.  Email us if you have information to share!


The Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau is offering FREE workshops on reunion planning.  If you are interested in participating, check out the flyer on our website.  Dates for 2015 are June 20, September 19 and December 12.

2015 Fall Football Schedule
The 2015 Fall Football Schedule is already available.  Check it out on our website here.                
Seneca Forever,

Board of Directors

Seneca Past and Present