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July 2014
Due to Popular Demand...
We've recently added an additional Q-Clear laser to quickly and painlessly treat nail fungus.

Our success rate for nail fungus treatment is 90%. Each treatment is completely customized to our patients because we couple an examination by a doctor and then proceed with treatment. For example, if excess perspiration caused Athlete's foot, which then may cause nail fungus---the excess perspiration is treated along with the nail fungus to produce the best results.
Confidently show off your tootsies in sandals this summer and book your appointment today! 
Summer Brings on Sports-Related Injuries

The weather has finally broken here in Chicago and we've seen quite an increase in sports-related injuries at Ankle N Foot Centers.


It's "summertime in the city" and time to get out and get active. People are hitting the pavement, biking and playing volleyball along the lakefront, and playing in sports at the park. Injuries can happen anywhere - a twisted ankle, a broken toe, etc.


Besides injuries that can occur from improper warm-up, poor knowledge of proper training, and overuse, some folks will suffer from an exacerbation of an existing foot problem because of the increased activity. Common problems that may hinder your spring training for summer are bunions, hammertoes, flat feetheel pain, and Morton's neuroma. The good news is your podiatrist at Ankle N Foot Centers can help you make sure your feet are happy, healthy, and pain free as you run, train and take full advantage of summer. 


Improper, ill-fitting and poor or inadequate padding in running shoes are all reasons one may suffer with some of the more common foot problems.  Treatment is aimed at supporting the foot and ankle, eliminating the pain and inflammation, and preventing the repetitive irritation. There is no need to suffer when running or exercising.  Schedule your appointment with one of the doctors at Ankle N Foot today!


We will do a comprehensive evaluation of your feet and shoe-gear and discuss various treatment options with you for the best path forward.

About Our Practice
Our Chicago podiatrists have successfully served Chicagoland's,
West Loop, Bartlettand Elmhurst communities' foot and ankle issues for over 39 years.
At Ankle N Foot Centers, our podiatrists specialize in Diabetic Care, Sports Medicine, and Surgery and Orthopedics of the Foot & Ankle. Our doctors take a team approach to ensure that your podiatric needs are treated effectively and quickly. Several of our doctors & staff are marathoners--so they know first-hand about your concerns.
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Ankle N Foot Center Staff