July 2018
Celebrating Bulldogs!
Delilah & Diesel Day Lewis

Hi, y’all! My name is Delilah and my brother, Diesel and I recently joined rescue. We really are brother and sister. We have the same mommy and daddy, but were from different litters. I am only 4 years old and much daintier than my big goofball brother. 

My name is Diesel Day Lewis and I am excited to be a part of this rescue. I am just excited about whatever life brings! I am 5 years old and weigh in at 77 pounds of beefy muscle.

We have always been loved and cherished by our family. But some things have happened and because of some family issues outside anyone’s control our parents have not had the time or attention for focus on us like they once did. They knew we needed more, and were willing to sacrifice their love for us so we could be in the right place and get all the love and attention they have always provided.

A few months ago the vet discovered Delilah had heartworms. So they gave her two painful shots and made her rest for a whole month while all those nasty buggers died off. Now she is just as fit as can be. The rest gave her more time to work on her feminine charms and her beauty routine. Don’t you think it paid off? She is ready to begin my new glamorous life with you.

they write, “While we are loving our foster family, we are crossing our paws our forever family is filling out an application RIGHT NOW! We have SO many butt wiggles and love to give our forever family, we can hardly contain our excitement! We are the perfect dynamic duo, and we have DOUBLE the love to share! Our foster fam says we are a "twofer" because we are a 2-for-1 package! We are complete opposites, but our personalities are the perfect combo! We do great in our kennels, our ‘dog room,’ on the couch, or on the bed. We will sleep and hangout wherever is best for you! Our foster family gives many sleeping options to see what is most comfortable for us, and we love all of them!”

We are looking for the perfect family willing to take both these beauties.
Blueberry and Yogurt Frozen Dog Treats

For the first row, let’s start with the plainest mix, so we can use any leftover yogurt mix for the fancier rows.
  • Whisk together 4 ounces of yogurt and 4 ounces of water for the base. Add more yogurt and reduce the water if you want a creamier treat with more calories.
  • Pour into one row of 5 wells, leaving a generous amount of room for the blueberries.
  • Add blueberries to each well until the mold is almost filled (the pupsicle will expand as it freezes, plus it’s nice to have a little extra space to protect from spills).
Upcoming Events
Merlin’s Birthday

July 14

Foster boy Merlin has a birthday party on his bucket list, so what better way to celebrate than to invite ALL his friends! 

Please join Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for Merlin's Birthday Party at Dogtopia in Highland Village (1830 Justin Rd) on Saturday, July 14 from 1 to 4 p.m.  

This event will be INSIDE and dogs are welcome, as long as they are up-to-date on vaccinations, leashed and dog-friendly. Speaking of dogs.... Hot dogs (and birthday cake, of course) will be served! 

Merlin has asked that guests bring gifts, not for him, but for all his foster friends in our program! 

Supplies needed: MalAcetic wipes, heavy duty chew toys, dog beds, unscented baby wipes, pill pockets, high-quality food and treats, joint supplements, medicated shampoo, ear cleaner, pee pads, soft blankets, etc. Cleaning products like laundry detergent and paper towels also are always needed! You can also check out our Amazon Wish List if you wish to have an item sent to us directly: http://amzn.to/2dUQRXL

As you may recall, foster boy Merlin was diagnosed with a heart condition in February. Unfortunately, his doctor estimated he only has 18-24 months to live, so we're doing all we can so he can enjoy his final time on this earth. Help us do that by joining us to sing Happy Birthday to this special boy!
Bull-O-Ween 2018

Save the Date: Saturday, October 20 from 5:00-8:00 at Premier Event Center (Lakeland Plaza, 1165 S. Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX)
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Some of Our Available Bulldogs
Dozer (Age 3)
Emmy Lou (Age 4)
Bam (Age 8)
Edith (Age 3)
Tut (Age 4)
Buford (Age 9)
Gus (Age 3)
Suki (Age 10)
Talulah (Age 3)
Laura (Age 7)
Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a non-profit, completely volunteer-driven organization dedicated to saving and re-homing Bulldogs with loving families.
Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost, abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or surrendered to rescue every year. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue accepts Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them, and retrieves Bulldogs from shelters and undesirable situations. Our Bulldogs are placed in suitable homes as soon as reasonably possible.