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Etiquette for the Yacht
If you have been invited to go boating there are some guidelines to follow, regardless of the size of the boat. Any boat larger than a skiff is considered a yacht. Speedboats, cruisers, sailboats and pontoons are all yachts. The dock and the open waterway call for attention to rules. Etiquette goes everywhere. On the water it is even more important. Following these guidelines will make you a guest who will be welcomed back.
Be on time   The Captain does not want to wait. They desire to be on the water.
Don't go empty-handedTreat the yacht as if it were someone's home. Never go empty handed. Avoid glass containers.
No shoes    Hard soled  shoes, heels and black sole shoes are not welcome on boat decks.  Any shoe with a white or light colored sole is appropriate.

Pack Light   Space on yachts is limited. Use soft-sided luggage. Easier to store.

"Permission to come aboard?" This should always be asked before boarding. This is an old traditional rule built on respect to the captain.

Take a Coat    Well, maybe a jacket to protect against the chill of the open waters especially after dark.

Safety    Know where the life jackets are stored. Use one if you feel uncomfortable.  Learn the location of the boat's fire extinguishers

Alcohol    Never assume alcohol is welcome. Ask your host in advance.

The Head   Find out how to operate it. It does not work like a land line bathroom. It can be very messy if used incorrectly and the user's responsibility to clean.

Fuel    Operating a yacht can be expensive. Whether you offer to contribute toward fuel will primarily depend on your relationship with the person who invited you. An excursion may cost several hundred dollars in fuel. Offering a contribution toward fuel is a thoughtful gesture.

Disembark    Don't jump off the yacht after you dock and rush to your car. Cleanup following a yacht trip may take a couple of hours. Offer to help get things back in order. It will be appreciated, even if you are declined. If they accept do it willingly and cheerfully. 
Etiquette on a yacht should have the utmost attention. Close quarters, Mother Nature, and the inability to escape can make boating a challenging gathering. Practicing these simple extensions of good etiquette will make the excursion fun and safe for all.

Tip of the Month 
Dining Tip

Showing your tongue at the dining table is unnecessary. Do not lick your utensils or any part of your body.

As a guest there are certain guidelines that should be followed. Weddings and wedding receptions demand a high degree of good etiquette. The bride and groom have spent incredible amounts of energy to create their special day. This day however, is not just for them but for you as well. Following these simple guidelines will help you be a part of wonderful memories .
  • No uninvited guestsUnder no circumstances should you bring an unexpected guest.
  • Be on Time    Despite the tale of all brides being late the guests should always be on time. Never follow the bride down the aisle. Enter from the side.
  • Dress Appropriately    Weddings are gala occasions. Your choice of attire will depend on the time of the ceremony. The later the wedding the more formal your dress should be.
  • No Gifts      Please do not bring bulky, expensive, fragile gifts to the reception. Gifts should be delivered to the bride's home prior to the wedding. Transporting gifts from the reception to their final destination is a herculean task.
  • Receiving Line    Move quickly through the receiving line. Save the pictures and the lengthy wishes for the reception.  Remember the bride and groom are there for everyone.
  • Seating    Usually outside of the reception venue you will receive a card with your name and table number on it. You may find a place card at your table.  Switching tables or place cards is not allowed. You don't have to know everyone at your table. Introduce yourself, be cordial.
  • The Meal    Whether plated or buffet style complaints about the food should be kept to yourself. If buffet style wait until half the table has returned before you begin eating. No doggie bags.
  • Alcohol    An open bar is not an invitation to overindulge. Know thyself.
  • Departure   Traditionally guests should not leave before the cake cutting ceremony.
  • Centerpieces    Unless directed by the bridal party the centerpiece should be left intact, untouched on the table.
  • Though not often done, a thank you note to the new couple is a wonderful gesture when you have been their guest.
Following these simple guidelines will ensure the wedding ceremony and reception will be enjoyed by all.


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