Once completed this Fall, the BEDS Summit Service Center will provide interim housing and case management to medically vulnerable homeless individuals. This month, we are proud to feature our partnership with Pillars Community Health, one of our health care partners for this facility.

Dr. Jennifer Swoyer, DO SVP & Chief Medical & Population Health Officer of Pillars Community Health was recently asked why their organization is proud to partner with BEDS Plus. She offered the following insight.

"Homelessness is a healthcare issue. When an individual or family experiences unstable housing, it impacts their total well-being. Minor medical conditions magnify when someone does not have stable medications, regular meals, regular sanitation, and regular sleep. The emotional, physical and financial cost of housing instability puts stress on meeting basic health care needs like taking prescribed medication or managing seemingly minor wound care. It takes community-centered organizations like ours to stand beside incredible organizations like BEDS Plus to meet patients where they are and deliver the necessary medical care when it is most needed. These two organizations have a long history of serving the housing unstable community. The development of the Summit Service Center is a wonderful example of how our organizations have come together to meet a need of the most vulnerable members of our community."

We are excited to enter into this partnership with Pillars Community Health at the Summit Service Center.

To learn more about the center, visit the link HERE.
Renovations of the former bank site at 7666 W. 63rd Street in Summit have continued with this additional progress made:

  • Completed masonry acid wash
  • Completed interior general demolition
  • Completed concrete slab at elevator foundation walls
  • Completed water service tie in at village main
  • Continued sawcut and excavation for water service at building foundation
  • Started installation of duct at mechanical chase
  • Scanned lower-level concrete floor for concrete demo at underground plumbing
  • Completed concrete saw cutting at underground plumbing
  • Started concrete removal at underground plumbing

We will continue to provide monthly emails regarding the progress of this much anticipated building.
Donate to the Summit Service Center HERE.