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How to Help Your Children Deal with Terrorism  
The latest round of news headlines in June prompted Dr. Dan to run this column in the Diablo Gazette. Read the Article
Camp Summit East Space Still Available
The kids had a great time at Camp Summit West last week!  We still have spots available at Camp Summit East in Maryland, August 20-26. More Information
"Our kids are always watching. Even when they are not watching, they are absorbing our energy... This whole idea of being fully engaged in life has just incredible positive kickback and rewards for our kids, both from an energetic level but also seeing us pursue our dreams. "
- Dr. Dan Peters speaking with Mary Carlomagno
Summit Center Update
June 2017

School is out and summer is here! Congratulations to all of our graduates. If you want to make a positive change for your child in the first part of the next school year, don't forget to schedule assessments or consultation appointments now. 
The Parent Footprint Podcast: Dr. Dan Talks About Being a Role Model for Your Kids
Organizing expert Mary Carlomagno
Dr. Dan welcomes authors Mary Carlomagno and Kimberlee King in these new episodes of the Parent Footprint podcast:

The Secrets of Simplicity with Mary Carlomagno:
Author, entrepreneur, parent, and Oprah Winfrey favorite Mary Carlomagno talks to Dr. Dan about "The Secrets of Simplicity" -- about chasing your dreams, living in experiences (as opposed to buying materialistic things) and being present.
Mary lives by the motto dream big ("Leap and the net will appear!") and live fully (but with balance and passion)! Just like in her organizing business, Mary teaches the daily practice of modeling behavior for and with her own family. Her deliberate ways of parenting will open up how listeners think about their own parenting. Dr. Dan agrees with Mary that modeling our best selves for our children is the most important thing we can do for our kids - and ourselves.
Mary has been featured on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, CBS News, in Redbook, Real Simple, and Woman's Day and has been interviewed on National Public Radio and Martha Stewart Living. For more information visit
Parenting is Hard; Suffering is Optional with Kimberlee Ann King: Dr. Dan
Author Kimberlee Anne King
interviews this parent of four, stepparent of more, author, co-founder of   Inspired Attention Inc., educational consultant, speaker, mentor, and parent coach. Kimberlee King's first-hand parenting experience over the last 20 years has given her a unique perspective on how to overcome the challenges and frustrations of parenting whether the children are gifted, challenged, or neurotypical.
In her book, Parenting is Hard; Suffering is Optional: A Handbook for Parents on the Brink, Kimberlee gives the reader a peek into her own humorous and heart-wrenching journey as she discovered the key to becoming a better parent: Work on yourself and your children will follow. We cannot fix our children or eliminate chaos in life. We can, however, work on becoming the best version of ourselves, learning along the way to experience joy despite our circumstances. Suffering is truly optional.
SENG Conference August 3-6 in Chicago
The annual Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG) Conference will take place August 3-6 at the Chicago Marriott in Naperville, IL. This year's theme is "Exploring Possibilities" and will include a lead keynote by Scott Barry Kaufman on "Capturing the Content of Gifted Daydreams," plus continuing education sessions, over 80 general sessions, and a popular children's program.
Summit Center professionals who are speaking include:
  • Susan Daniels keynote on Saturday on "Raising Creative Kids," about nurturing creativity in your child.
  • Stephen Chou with Dr. James Webb and Rosina Gallagher on "Misdiagnosis & Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children" (Continuing Education Session),
  • Lisa Hancock on "Understanding Neuropsychological Assessment"
  • Stephen Chou with Dr. James Webb and Rosina Gallagher on "The Gifted: Frustrated and Misunderstood"
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