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Support Groups Offered for Parents of Gifted/2e or Adults
Summit Center is pleased to offer guided discussion groups to support gifted and twice exceptional individuals and families. Register now to reserve your spot! Learn more about all groups

Virtual Advanced Group for Parents of Gifted and 2e Children is recommended for those who have already read A Parents Guide to Gifted Children. Facilitated by Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed., meets through the Zoom video platform on Tuesday afternoons beginning March 5. More info

Virtual  Gifted Adult: The Intensity of Life Virtual Group   Join other adults to discuss over-excitability challenges and learn coping skills. Facilitated by Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed., meets Monday mornings through the Zoom Video Meeting Platform, beginning February 25. Learn more
2019 Camp Summit Registration Open!
Camp Summit for the gifted, talented, creative is a sleepover summer camp designed specifically for gifted students ages 9 through 14. Marin Headlands in Northern California in June -- or northern Maryland in August.
" Move in close and you stay and you listen. Just move in close, get down to their level, and LISTEN . "

- Tosha Schore on what to do when your child is having a meltdown, on the Parent Footprint Podcast
Summit Center Update
February 2019

If you would like to understand more about your child's learning profile, how to gain coping skills for your child, or how to help your child reach their full potential, give us a call.
New Podcasts on Helping Your Children Thrive: Tosha Schore and Julie Morgenstern
Dr. Dan Peters posted two new episodes of the Parent Footprint Podcast last month.  Subscribe to the Parent Footprint Podcast through iTunes, Google Podcasts (on your Android), Spotify, TuneIn Radio , iHeart Radio, Stitcher, AndroidRSS, or on the show page.

Parenting to Help Young Boys Thrive with Tosha Schore

Dr. Dan welcomes parent coach Tosha Schore to talk about raising boys.

Tosha Schore is mom to three boys and an advocate for boys and their families worldwide. She is co-author with Hand in Hand Parenting founder, Patty Wipfler, of Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges

Tosha work teaches parents effective ways to build healthy relationships with their boys. She is committed to creating lasting change in families and in the world by supporting parents to care for themselves, connect with their boys deeply, set limits lovingly, and play wildly.

Dr. Dan and Tosha discuss the goal of raising respectful, resilient boys by dealing with emotions, hardships, and much more and in doing the work of good listening we are collectively creating a more peaceful world, one boy at a time.

Time to Parent: Organizing Your Life to Bring Out the Best in Your Child (and You) with Julie Morgenstern

Dr. Dan welcomes organizing and productivity consultant,  New York Times  best-selling author, and expert speaker Julie Morgenstern  to this episode to discuss her new book  Time To Parent  which teaches the ways parents can savor time with their children and their own time, too.  

Dr. Dan and Julie talk about being present, setting intentions, connecting with your kids, and actionable strategies parents can do right now (with memorable acronyms) and many other topics. 

Julie is the author of the classic tomes  Organizing from the Inside Out  and  Time Management from the Inside Out , both of which have been developed into popular specials for PBS. Her latest book is  Time to Parent . 

Dr. Lisa Hancock to speak at California Association for Gifted Conference 2/22-24
California Association for GiftedThe 57th Annual California Association for Gifted (CAG) Annual Conference is taking place  February 22-24 in Palm Springs, CA. The conference brings together nearly 1,200 individuals from around the state. Over 80 sessions provide a learning opportunity for teachers, parents, and advocates to hear from leading researchers and experts in the field of gifted education.  Dr. Lisa Hancock, from Summit Center's Torrance office, will speak on "Understanding Neuropsychological Assessments," "Supporting Your Gifted Child: When to Help, When to let them Fail and When to seek Professional Support" (with Dr. Joanna Hasse), and "Gifted Kids versus Classroom Social Norms" (with Dr. Joanna Hasse).  More information