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Bright & Quirky Online Summit Extended - All Talks Free for 36 hours
The  Bright and Quirky  Child Online Summit is offering continued free access through March 18 due to the coronavirus. Learn from top experts on bright kids with focus, learning, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. 22 speakers include Ross Greene PhD, Stephen Porges PhD, Mona Delahooke PhD, Stephen Shanker DPhil, Tina Payne Bryson PhD, Linda Silverman PhD, and Dr. Dan Peters. Learn more and register
Coronavirus - Helpful Articles & Resources
A primary care physician and public health leader shares his recommendations on social distancing, to help "flatten the curve" of the rate of corona virus infections.
From National Association of School Psychologists:

How to Explain Coronavirus to a Child with Anxiety

(from Kentucky Association for Gifted Education)
Camp Summit for Gifted Youth
We hope that Camp Summit is able to proceed this summer! This multi-night sleepover summer camp for gifted students ages 9 through 14. Located in the Marin Headlands (SF Bay Area), June 14-20, or northern Maryland, August 9-13, Camp Summit offers a beautiful setting, stimulating activities, and a staff who truly understands the unique needs of gifted children and what it is like to grow up as a gifted person. Register today to reserve your child's spot
"This is unsettling. This is anxiety provoking. However, it is critical that we show resilience as parents for our kids. They are looking to us."

- Dr. Dan Peters on the Parent Footprint Podcast
Summit Center Update
March 2020

The health and safety of our clients and their families come first. As such, following the CDC's and our local guidelines, Summit Center will be conducting all of our consultation and counseling sessions virtually, and will unfortunately have to reschedule testing sessions, until at least April 7th.

We will continue to be available for counseling and consultation to support you and your family. If you would like to make an appointment during this time, please email or call us at (925) 939-7500 or (310) 478-6505.

Below you will find links to a new article I wrote for Psychology Today, and a new podcast, just recorded yesterday, to help us all get through this challenging time. We need to be strong for ourselves and our children. We will get through this together.  

Wishing you and your family health and new found time for connection, creativity, and innovation.

-- Dan Peters and the rest of our Summit Center team
Psychology Today: Parenting with Resilience in Unsettling Times
By Dr. Dan Peters

Many of our kids are worried and scared - and so are many of us parents. Our kids always look to us to understand how bad or scary something is. They look to how we are reacting - our facial expressions, our words, our emotions, and our behavior. Especially when our kids are young, but also when they are teens, we are the guideposts and beacons of what is right and wrong, good and bad, and safety and fear. Sounds like a lot of responsibility, right? It is.

Parent Footprint Podcast: Coronavirus Special on Parenting with Resilience
Today Dr. Dan hosts his first-ever special episode to address the situation surrounding the coronavirus and how it is impacting parents and families.

Based on Dr. Dan's essential Psychology Today post Parenting with Resilience in Unsettling Times, Dr. Dan offers actionable advice for all families during this challenging time. Listeners can use these suggestions today to help calm anxious children, to limit teen social media use, and many other challenges.

In this episode, Dr. Dan leads listeners through the steps for building inner strength right now in this moment including self-awareness, acceptance, self-care, and staying present. In addition, Dr. Dan welcomes long-time Parent Footprint Podcast producer Laura Rossi to the episode to lead an informative Question and Answer session featuring listeners' parenting questions about COVID-19.

More from the Parent Footprint Podcast: Proactive Parenting with Dr. Maguire
The Parent Footprint podcast recently reached #34 on Apple Parenting podcasts. Last month, Dr. Dan welcomed Dr. Heather Maguire, founder Prism Parenting, to talk about Proactive Parenting (Episode #79).

Dr. Maguire started Prism Behavior to help parents struggling with their child's behavior and her approach is pragmatic, yet evidence-based. She loves to teach parents ways to motivate their kiddos. In addition she connects with parents on her new, popular parenting podcast also called Prism Parenting.

Dr. Dan and Dr. Maguire discuss practical ways (some are very simple changes) to shift from a reactive parenting approach to a proactive one. Parents face many diverse issues such defiance, how to motivate your child, picky eating, sleep issues, homework, and more. Today's show offers solutions and an acknowledgement that parenting can be tough, especially when your kids are misbehaving or acting out or facing challenges, but parents can make positive changes.

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