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Settling into Summer 
Dr. Dan writes about summer transitions and making time count for your kids in "Settling into Summer," his latest blog. Read the Article
SENG Conference
The annual Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG) Conference is August 3-6 at the Chicago Marriott in Naperville, IL. Summit Center speakers will include Dr, Susan Daniels, Dr. Stephen Chou, Lisa Hancock. Learn More
Camp Summit East Space Still Available
The kids had a great time at Camp Summit West last week!  We still have spots available at Camp Summit East in Maryland, August 20-26. More Information

"As is true everyday, I had to balance my fears, and what I know about the world from living it for a relatively long time, with the openness and trust and enthusiasm and  excitement that I want [my daughter] to feel.   She is just beginning her journey. I didn't want that to be so shadowed by all of my fears and anxieties."

- Jessica Teich, speaking with Dr. Dan
Summit Center Update
July 2017

Summer is a great time to pause, reset, and spend some quality time with your kids. Go on a hike, play ball, or cook a meal together. You'll be glad you did! 
Parent Footprint Podcast: Dr. Dan Talks to Jessica Teich on Facing Fear & Finding Joy
Author Jessica Teich
Dr. Dan recently welcomed author and Rhodes Scholar Jessica Teich . Jessica's memoir The Future Tense of Joy has been universally praised for its honest, courageous, and real discussion of fear, suicide, and violence against women.

Through her own harrowing story, Jessica advocates for victims of violence and sexual abuse as well as anyone struggling with anxiety and mental illness. Ultimately, Jessica is a real-life role model for purposeful parenting, facing fears, equality, and philanthropy. Jessica offers her personal take on how her own resilience is a daily process that she cultivates for herself and her daughters. It's through her ritual of facing her own fears that she has found joy and is now passing that skill to her daughters.

As Dr. Dan and Jessica Teich talk about real life parenting experiences, all parents will relate to topics ranging from perfectionism to homework to the viral Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." They discuss how parents can model for our teens how to filter and sort through new - and sometimes frightening - adolescent experiences. We are our children's best and most influential resource: we need to listen and really hear them.

In addition to  The Future Tense of Joy , Jessica Teich also wrote  Trees Make The Best Mobiles: Simple Ways To Raise Your Child In A Complex World , which was featured in Vanity Fair, People, Us, Chicago Tribune, and on the Today Show. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and other publications.
Welcome Dr. Gabriela Bronson-Castain to Summit Center Walnut Creek
Summit Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Gabriela Bronson-Castain as an evaluator and therapist at our Walnut Creek office.
Prior to coming to the Summit Center, Dr. Gabriela Bronson-Castain worked as the Clinical Director of the Behavioral Response Team at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland. She spent 10 years working in pediatric psychology helping patients and their families cope with complex medical and behavioral health disorders through assessment, bedside therapy, and parent education. Dr. Bronson-Castain continues to maintain her medical staff privileges at Children's Hospital, and works collaboratively with community pediatricians throughout the Bay Area. She has trained clinicians throughout the bay area on pediatric suicide assessment and interventions, and supports the curriculum of the American Association of Suicidology. Dr. Bronson-Castain has private practice offices in Walnut Creek and Rockridge, and is an adjunct faculty at several of the graduate psychology programs in the area.

Learn More about Dr. Bronson-Castain