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Advanced Monthly Discussion Group for Parents of Gifted & 2e Children Begins 9/14 in Walnut Creek
mother-daughter-bench.jpg Have you participated in a SENG Model Parent Group in the past and want to continue the conversation? Have you read "A Parents Guide to Gifted Children" and you would like to discuss? Join other parents of gifted and/or 2e children to share insights and receive support. Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed., leads the groups, Thursday morning, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm at Summit Center's Walnut Creek office. Meeting dates are 9/14, 10/5, 11/2, and 12/7. Learn More & Register
New 2e microschool in Oakland
Award-winning educator Jade Ann Rivera is founding a new micro-school for gifted and twice-exceptional students in the Lakeshore neighborhood of Oakland, CA.  Learn More

"Another thing that we need to be modeling for our children: how to live. That we are taking our time, because our wellness and our well being are so important ."

- Dr. Paula Wilkes, speaking with Dr. Dan
Summit Center Update
August 2017

We hope your child has a great first day at school! Read on for info on how to handle your child's back to school worries, and how to create an environment of well being. If you'd like to discuss these topics in person with one of our professionals, give us a call.
How to Manage Your Child's Back-to-School Worries
Dr. Dan Peters
Co-Founder & Executive Director
by Dr. Dan Peters
A parent might ask, "My child gets anxious at the start of a new school year. What can I do to support my child during this transition time?"
Transitions are difficult for most people, and this is often particularly true for gifted children. There is a saying that "uncertainty breeds anxiety." This definitely applies to the transition back to school. There are so many swirling questions - who will my teacher be? Will he/she be nice? Will I have any friends in my class? Will I get teased? Will I be bored? And the list goes on... 
Parent Footprint Podcast: Creating Well Being with Dr. Paula Wilkes
Gifted Ed Consultant Dr. Paula Wilkes (with granddaughter)
In today's episode, Dr. Dan welcomes Summit Center colleague Dr. Paula Wilkes to discuss how to create well being for ourselves and our families.  Dr. Dan and Dr. Wilkes discuss how we can help all children discover their true nature and find their inner peace. This episode also devotes time to the particular challenges of gifted and spiritually sensitive children.

Dr. Wilkes lives by deliberately making mindfulness and well being her daily goals as a result of her own personal journey with stress and pain. Dr. Wilkes defines mindfulness as being in the moment as life is happening. Because regulation and environment contribute to well being, then as parents and educators we need to teach our children to practice self-kindness, self-awareness, and self-love so that they can learn to nourish a feeling of peace in themselves.
Paula Wilkes, Ph.D has worked in gifted education for more than 35 years as a public school teacher, a university professor, and a gifted consultant. She is currently a coach for gifted children and adults at Summit Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Wilkes provides cognitive coaching, counseling, and consultation for children and their parents on gifted and "twice-exceptional" issues (including sensitivity and intensity). 

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