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family_enjoying_caffeine.jpg Advanced Parent Group for Gifted & 2e Begins Feb. 6
Are you challenged by an intense, gifted, or 2e child? Are you craving more support?  Kathleen Crombie, MA, M.Ed, is leading a monthly Advanced Discussion Group for parents of gifted or twice-exceptional children on Tuesday afternoons in Walnut Creek, CA. Parents will discuss kids' unique learning and social differences, share insights, and receive support. Familiarity with "A Parents Guide to Gifted Children," by Dr. James Webb, et all, is recommended.  Learn more and register now to save your spot
Upcoming Events
Thursday, February 1: Dr. Lisa White speaks to parents of gifted students at the San Ramon Valley School District offices in Danville. 6:30-7:30 pm plus Q&A.

February 7-8: Dr. Stephen Chou will be a keynote speaker at University of Denver's 8th Annual Gifted Education Conference.

Saturday, February 10: Dr. Dan Peters will present the keynote and two breakout sessions at Whitworth College's Gifted Education Institute for education professionals, Spokane, WA.
Summit Center Update
January 2018

We hope the new year is off to a great start for you and your family.  If you want to better understand your child's learning and development this year, give us a call.
Moving Beyond Shame in the New Year: How to Live the Life You Want in 2018
By Dr. Dan Peters
The longer I have experienced being human and the longer I have had the privilege to sit with people daily to bear witness their journey, aspirations, and dreams, the more and more I realize the one thing that keeps people from not only meeting and sustaining their New Years resolutions, but also keeps them from experiencing joy and living to their potential. This one thing is shame.
New Parent Footprint Podcasts: Learning Differently with Jonathan Mooney and The Sensory Child Gets Organized with Carolyn Dalgliesh
Dr. Dan welcomed two wonderful authors to the Parent Footprint podcast this past month, both of whom offer different solutions for the needs of different kinds of people:

First, Dr. Dan spoke with dyslexic author and activist Jonathan Mooney.  Jonathan's moving story will change the way listeners think about diversity in the world: he did not learn to read until 12 years old. He faced low expectations growing up, but published his best-selling book Learning Outside The Lines (now in its 28th printing) when he was 23. Jonathan has established himself as one of the foremost leaders in the neurodiversity and the learning revolution.

Next, Dr. Dan welcomed author, speaker, organizing expert, and parent Carolyn Dalgliesh. Carolyn is a popular expert because she teaches the how and why setting up successful systems (at home, school, and work) can help children, families, and their parents live a more peaceful and productive life. They talk about the needs of "highly sensitive children" as well as "rigid, anxious children" and discuss strategies from Carolyn's book,
The Sensory Child Gets Organized: Proven Systems for Rigid, Anxious, or Distracted Kids.