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Camp Summit West Registration Opens
Camp Summit "West" for gifted and twice-exceptional kids will take place this summer at the Marin Headlands in Northern California, June 17-23, 2018.
Parenting Course
Last call! Enlightened Parenting Course begins February 15, 10:00 am in LA (Mar Vista), CA. Summit Center Parent Educator Melanie Prager, JD, CPE, will teach proven brain-based approaches on how to better connect and grow healthy relationships with your kids. Learn more and register
Upcoming Event: CAG Conference
California Association for Gifted
Summit Center's Dr. Lisa Hancock and Dr. Paula Wilkes will both present at the California Association for Gifted annual conference, March 2-4, in San Diego, CA.
Dr. Wilkes will present on "Deep and Complex Conversations About Literature," and "Creating an Environment of Well-Being for Ourselves and our Students."
Dr Lisa Hancock will speak on "Understanding Neuropsychological Assessments," "Quirky Behaviors or Symptoms of Disabilities: Differentiating between Gifted and 2e" (with Dr. Joanna Haase), "Welcome to the Real World: Recognizing the Challenges Facing Gifted/2e Teens and Adults" (with Sharon Duncan), and "Supporting Your Gifted child: When to Help, When to Let Them Fail, and When to Seek Help" (with Dr. Joanna Haase).
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"The goal is to give our children the tools to deal with the worry right now and shut down the fear."

- Dr. Dan Peters
Summit Center Update
February 2018

If you would like to understand more about your child's learning profile, how to gain coping skills for your child, or how to help your child reach their full potential, give us a call.
The Flu: Managing Our Children's Fears
By Dr. Dan Peters

When I was young, I distinctly remember being afraid of killer bees. What will happen to my family and me? What if killer bees attack me? Will I die? These are not comforting thoughts when you are a child. They are scary.

Fast-forward to last night at the dinner table with my family and the topic of this year's flu. My kids felt real fear and real worry.

My wife and I were calm. We explained the facts. We listened. We know with the reports of the flu dominating the news that similar scenarios are taking place at dinner tables, during bedtime rituals, and around the lunch table in school. What should parents do?

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New Podcasts: Abigail Wald and Elle Kwan from Hand in Hand Parenting + Jen Lumanlan on How To Raise A Girl
Dr. Dan celebrates the 30th episode of his Parent Footprint podcast with two interviews with fellow podcasters who share keen insight about parenting and the power of love.
First, Dr. Dan welcomes Abigail Wald (from Los Angeles) and Elle Kwan (from Hong Kong) from the international global nonprofit organization Hand in Hand Parenting, where they host the Hand in Hand podcast. 
The Hand in Hand philosophy is that the parent is the best expert in their family.  Dr. Dan talks to Abigail and Elle about "behavior chasing" and power struggles, and how how turning parenting methods upside can be the change your family needs. The discussion includes how all families are connected regardless of culture or geography by the universal goal of raising resilient kids.
In the second interview, Dr. Dan speaks with Jen Lumanlan, founder and host of the successful Your Parenting Mojo Podcast and website, about her mission to raise healthy (and happy) girls, including the critical topic of girls and body image.
Jen Lumanlan is the parent of a 3 ½-year-old daughter, and her podcast is a reference guide for parents of younger kids based on scientific research. Dr. Dan and Jen discuss recent studies on the right kind of language to use with girls, the words pretty and ugly (and fat and skinny), and how parents should change how they deal with this topic.
Summit Center Contributes to New Books
Summit Center's Dr. Dan Peters, Dr. Susan Daniels, and Dr. Michelle Freeman contributed chapters to the new book by Scott Barry Kaufman, "Twice Exceptional: Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students with Learning Difficulties" (Oxford University Press, 2018). Dr. Peters and Bobbie Gilman wrote the first chapter, on "Finding and Serving Twice-Exceptional Students: Using Triaged Comprehensive Assessment and Protections of the Law." Dr. Susan Daniels and Dr. Michelle Freeman authored Chapter 15, on "Gifted Dyslexics: MIND-Strengths, Visual Thinking, and Creativity."  Find the book

In addition, Dr. Dan Peters contributed a chapter on "Neuropsychological Evaluations: Differentiating between auditory processing and related complexities" to the book "Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management, and Treatment," 3rd Edition (Plural Publishing, 2018), by Donna Geffner and Deborah Ross-Swain of the Swain Center in Santa Rosa.  Find the book