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Managing Worry - Pandemic Tools for All Ages
What if I get COVID-19? Will it be safe to go to school? Will life ever be the same again? These are just a few of the worrisome thoughts that people of all ages face today. Dr. Dan Peters offers key tools to get you through the pandemic in this new blog for Psychology Today. Learn more tools with Dr. Dan's Worry Monster books.
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"Let's Talk 2e" Begins Tomorrow
Dr. Dan Peters will be among the featured speakers at the Let's Talk 2e! virtual conference for Parents of gifted and twice exceptional children (formerly known as "2 Days of 2e") launching August 19, 20, 21. Check out his session, "Preparing Your 2e Child for a Successful Life" and get your free access or the paid ALL ACCESS PASS which includes evergreen access, audio files, and a live Q/A with speakers. 
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TEFOS - The Executive Function Online Summit, August 21-23
TEFOS, The Executive Function Online Summit, can help parents help their children navigate school and life through better executive function. This online conference features thought leaders in executive function, parenting, giftedness, twice-exceptional (2e) learners, emotional regulation, social challenges, anxiety, and learning differences, including Dr. Stuart Shanker, Peg Dawson, Dr. Sharon Saline, Dr. Ross Greene, Debbie Reber, and others.
TEFOS is free every day for 24 hours with advanced registration, extended access with a paid pass.
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"Parents blame themselves... We start to feel like it is our fault, and we're not doing something right. When in fact there's just other things that we might need to learn and we need to understand where those behaviors are coming from."

- Kelly Beins, OT, on the Parent Footprint Podcast
Summit Center Update
August 2020

Even though school may look different this fall, we hope your child has a great first day! If you'd like to discuss any topics in person with one of our professionals, give us a call. In accordance with state and county guidelines, we are  seeing clients in our offices on a limited basis, and we continue to offer remote services. Stay safe & healthy!
Summit Center Announces 2020-21 Doctoral Training Program in Walnut Creek
We are pleased to welcome our new doctoral trainees Gohar Jaffer, Olivia McDonald, M.A.and returning predoctoral intern Cyrell Roberson (pictured above) to Summit Center's 2020-2021 training program. Our trainees will provide intellectual, neuroeducational, and neuropsychological evaluations and counseling/therapy for children and adolescents, virtually when possible, or at the Walnut Creek office. Summit Center's training program allows more clients to access high-quality assessment and counseling services at reduced fees. 

Trainees work under the close supervision of Dr. Katherine Eng, Dr. Gabriela Bronson-Castain, and Dr. Lisa White, with support from Dr. Stephen Chou, Director of Training and Research.

To schedule an appointment with any of our trainees, please call (925) 939-7500 or email
New! School Consultation Services
Do you want to make a change and find a new school for your child?
Are you planning to look for a private school this fall for next year, or are you hoping to make a change for the current  year?
Could your child benefit from a different learning environment?
Summit Center's Dr. Lisa White is offering consultation services to help families find the right school for their child. She specializes in working with children who are gifted, twice-exceptional, or who have  ADHD or learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia.  
Private schools will be accepting applications this fall for the 2021-2022 school year. Set up a virtual appointment with Dr. White to:
- help you decide whether a private school is the best fit for your child
- help you talk through the options and decide which schools to apply to, based on your child's learning profile and specific needs 
- reach out to  schools to find out if your child would be a good fit
- work with you to best position your child in the application process, being honest about your child's needs but still letting them shine as an applicant  
- walk you through the admissions process and what will be expected in terms of interviews, essay questions, how to apply for accommodations for entrance exams, etc.
Dr. White is a licensed psychologist who has worked with gifted and twice-exceptional children for over 15 years. To make an appointment with Dr. White, please email or call (925) 939-7500.
Parent Footprint Podcast with Bethany Saltman and Kelly Beins, OT
Dr. Dan Peters recently welcomed two guests to talk about two different parenting styles.
The Science of Attachment with Bethany Saltman - Episode #89
Dr. Dan welcomes author Bethany Saltman to discuss her new book Strange Situation: A Mother's Journey into the Science of Attachment, where she discovers that attachment isn't a checklist of behaviors developed by physical closeness, but the product of secure relationships from one's own past.

Bethany's book is a memoir hinging on science, biography, psychology and spiritual practice, and an indirect look at parenting, and how we are all interconnected by the feelings of attachment -- not just through co-sleeping or baby slings. Dr. Dan and Bethany unravel what attachment is and how it happens. They also explore being "attachment aware," shame and guilt, self-care, adult attachment, myths, and more.

Sensory Processing & Sensory Parenting with Kelly Beins, OT - Episode #90
Author Kelly Beins is an Occupational Therapist certified in sensory integration, with over 22 years of clinical experience.  Through her Ovis the Sheep book series, she uses characters and a love of reading to help children make life easier for children and families living with sensory processing disorder (SPD). 

Dr. Dan and Kelly discuss the many types of sensory disorders, other diagnoses related to sensory processing disorder (such as ADHD, anxiety, and autism), mental health, parent survival tips, the importance of parent intuition, how kids mirror parental regulation/dysregulation, and many other important sensory related topics.
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