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Doodle, Draw & Paint! Free Online Creativity Classes
With Dr. Susan Daniels for Kids, Parents, & Teachers
Education and creativity expert Dr. Susan Daniels brings us a free and easy doodle and drawing class that you can do at home with your kids! Learn how to make simple drawings, fun doodles, and other activities that will let you express your creativity without complicated materials or previous experience. Starting April 28, every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 am PST, for 20-30 minutes, via Zoom video conferencing. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper - and perhaps some markers or paints -  and join us!  Watch our video trailer at
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Spotlight on 2e Series Booklets On Sale
Always on Sale for Summit Center Clients!
These easy-to-understand publications have been created by our friends at Glen Ellyn Media, former publisher of  2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter . Each of the 30- to 40-page booklets in the series, available in print format or as a PDF,  is filled with information on how to recognize twice-exceptionality and address the unique needs of children who have this combination of strengths and deficits.
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"Goal driven behavior is good for us in real life. We also find out it's okay on screen-time. If you are doing spreadsheets or working on a report, doing things with a beginning, middle and an end. Unfortunately, social media is not like that Now our kids are being inundated by social peer influences 24 hours a day."

- Dr. John Huber on the Parent Footprint Podcast
Summit Center Update
April 2020

We at Summit Center are sheltering in place with you. We understand the challenges and seek to find the opportunities. Hoping you enjoy our resources below. We are just a call or email away.
Managing the New Normal: Consultation Services for Families from Dr. Ginny Ritchey
During these unsettling times, many families are encountering everyday challenges of managing multiple schedules, work, homeschooling, and household tasks, as well as the overall thoughts and feelings attached to living through a pandemic.

Dr. Ginny Ritchey, licensed psychologist, is now offering consultation services to parents who are attempting to manage the "new normal" in their family's lives. She will work with you and your spouse to help you take the first steps to successful adjustment, modify expectations, keep perspective, and remember the larger picture. Dr. Ritchey will give you the tools that you need to hold down your job, educate your children, and manage everyday tasks, all while mitigating anxiety.

Learn more at To make an appointment, email  or call 925-939-7500.
Telehealth Virtual Assessments, Counseling & Consultation Now Available
Doctor video chat consultation. Telemedicine or telehealth concept.
Is your child not meeting their potential? This is a great time to get caught up by identifying potential learning issues while your child is outside of the classroom. Summit Center is pleased to announce Teleneuropsychological Assessment Services for children, adolescents, and adults. Yes, we can test your child through the computer in the comfort of your own home.

We also offer remote counseling and consultation services, for anyone who needs added support while sheltering in place. We've found that talking over the phone or video call can still provide many benefits to you and your family.
Parent Footprint Podcast: Dr. Debbie Steinberg Kuntz and Dr. John Huber
Bright and Quirky with Debbie Steinberg Kuntz - Episode #80

Dr. Dan welcomes colleague and friend Debbie Steinberg Kuntz to this episode of the Parent Footprint Podcast to discuss our bright and quirky kids. Debbie is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the founder of the Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit, attracting over 15,000 people from 95 countries featuring world-class psychologists, educators, and child development experts who share tools and insights to help bright & quirky kids thrive.

Early in her parenting journey, Debbie learned that her own sons were '2e' or 'twice exceptional.' These types of kids are very bright and struggle with learning, executive function, social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Some have diagnoses such as ADHD, autism/Aspergers, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Today's show covers many topics and features information about the 2020 Bright and Quirky Summit as well as the Idea Lab learning community, online resources and parenting tools.
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Social Media, Depression, and Teens with Dr. John Huber - Episode #81

In this episode, Dr. Dan and Dr. John Huber tackle a tough and essential teen parenting topic: the link between social media and depression.

Dr. Huber has been a mental health professional for over twenty years, has appeared on radio and TV, and is host of "Mainstream Mental Health Radio" which is heard nationwide.

The topic is inspired by a recent study finding that social media use plus screen time can lead to an increase in depression and anxiety among teens and adolescents. In the study, researchers measured how much time students spent in front of social media, television and computers. The data revealed the more time kids spent engrossed in digital screens, their symptoms of anxiety and depression became more severe.

Dr. Dan talks to Dr. Huber about the study, including questions such as what parents can look out for, what anxiety looks like versus depression, and common red flags in teen behavior.

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