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Free Ebook For Parents of Gifted Kids
Summit Center is part of a collaborative effort to provide a new free ebook written specifically for parents of gifted children. "Helping Gifted Kids Thrive: Insights From The Experts" takes a unique approach. Child & Family Therapist Tina Harlow interviewed 26 experts across the field of giftedness to ask them one question: "What one thing can parents do now to help their gifted child to thrive in the future?"
This question is based on the worry that we see in many parents of gifted children today. Parents worry about the future and often question their own parenting abilities. 
Dr. Dan Peters, Dr. Susan Daniels, and Dr. Stephen Chou all contributed.
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" Moms - don't put your own body down in front of your daughter... These things get very quickly internalized by girls. An enormous percentage of adult women engage in "fat talk." You can't truly tell girls to stop doing it if you do it yourself. "

- Rachel Simmons on the Parent Footprint Podcast
Summit Center Update
July 2018

Summer is a great time to pause, reset, and spend some quality time with your kids. Go on a hike, play ball, or cook a meal together. You'll be glad you did!
Dr. Dan Featured on Tilt Parenting Podcast
Dr. Dan Peters had the opportunity to be a guest on the Tilt Parenting Podcast, hosted by Debbie Reber, an author, speaker, coach, and parent of what she calls "an atypical kid." Tilt Parenting is aimed at helping parents raising differently-wired kids do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy. Debbie is passionate about the idea that being differently-wired isn't a deficit - it's a difference. She wants to change the way difference is perceived in the world so that exceptional kids can thrive in their schools, in their families, and in their lives.
The TiLT Parenting Podcast is in the iTunes top 20 in Kids & Family New and Noteworthy, and regularly features high-profile parenting experts and educators, as well as insightful conversations between Debbie and her 13-year-old son Asher. Debbie also has a new book, Differently Wired: Raising an Extraordinary Child in a Conventional World.
In the podcast, Dr. Dan talks about his work and his mission to support parents in raising children with purpose and intention. He and Debbie look at the Parent Footprint Awareness Training, a virtual online experience that supports parents in guiding their child's future by becoming aware of their own parenting beliefs.
SENG Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted Conference This Week in San Diego
The annual SENG Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted Conference takes place July 19-22 in San Diego, CA. The conference will feature over 90 sessions, including presentations by Summit Center professionals:
  • Dr. Dan Peters on "Turning Worriers into Warriors!: Anxiety in Gifted and 2e Youth"
  • Dr. Lisa Hancock & Sharon Duncan on "Welcome to the Real World: Recognizing the Challenges Facing Gifted/2e Teens and Adults"
  • Dr. Susan Daniels (with Nicole Tetreault and Michael Postma) on "The Psychology, Neuroanatomy, and Care of the Creative Brain"
  • Dr. Stephen Chou on "Socioemotional Development of Gifted Children"
At the conference, SENG will honor four individuals for their contributions to its mission and work. Dr. Dan Peters will receive an award as "Mental Health Professional of the Year."

New Parent Footprint Podcasts: Rachel Simmons and Lis Wiehl
On the Parent Footprint podcast, Dr. Dan speaks with two guests on "How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards" and "The Power of Parental Influence."
Rachel Simmons : Dr. Dan welcomes bestselling author, expert, changemaker, and media favorite Rachel Simmons to discuss her new book Enough As She Is and her crucial helping parents, educators, and communities to support our girls. 
Dr. Dan and Rachel address ambition, anxiety, wellness, and the pressure on our girls (and boys) today. They also discuss social media pressure, fear of missing out, and communicating with your teenage daughter. They talk about a whole host of topics that are also important in Rachel's best-selling books and work.
Lis Wiehl : This interview is inspired by a popular post on Thrive Global that resonated with Dr. Dan. Author and journalist Lis Wiehl's recently wrote about about father's day and the influence her father and grandfather have in her life.
Lis and Dr. Dan discuss her Thrive Global piece, how her career has influenced her own parenting, and more.
Lis Wiehl is a best-selling author, journalist, former federal prosecutor, and respected legal analyst and commentator. A legal analyst and reporter for Fox News for fifteen years, Lis is currently an anchor for the Law & Crime Network and host of the podcast Pursuit of Justice with Lis Wiehl. Her newest book is Hunting Charles Manson: The Quest for Justice in the Days of Helter Skelter