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Ongoing Doodle, Classes for Kids, Parents and Teachers
Co-editor of Living with Intensity and education expert Dr. Susan Daniels brings us a free and easy doodle and drawing class that you can do at home with your kids! Learn how to make simple drawings, fun doodles, and other activities that will let you express your creativity without complicated materials or previous experience. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 am PST, for 20-30 minutes, via Zoom video conferencing. Grab your colors and a piece of paper -  and join us!  Watch past sessions and  Sign up for FREE
Identify Learning Issues Now with Remote Testing
Summit Center now offers virtual assessments, so we can test your child through the computer in the comfort of your own home. We evaluate strengths and challenges and offer specific strategies and recommendations to guide growth and maximize potential.
In related news, the Davidson Institute for Talent Development has announced that they will now accept results from the WISC-V even if administered remotely.
Summit Center also offer remote counseling and consultation, for anyone who needs added support while schools and other services are disrupted. 
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I will be doing  Facebook Live  this afternoon -- and every Tuesday -- at 2:00 pm PST,  to help us connect and focus on staying present. Videos are recorded and saved for later viewing.  Join me on Facebook
"If you are calm and you don't freak your kid out about everything, they are going to come out to be a better, more well adjusted human being."

- James Breakwell on the Parent Footprint Podcast
Summit Center Update
May 2020

We at Summit Center are sheltering in place with you, but are still available for remote services. If you or your child needs added support at this time, please give us a call.
Educational Consultation Services to Support Learning from Home
Amy Feldman, LEP
Is your uniquely-wired child having a hard time with online learning? Are you looking for new ideas to help support your student during this challenging time? Amy Feldman, Licensed Educational Psychologist, is available for phone/video consultations with parents of students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Amy is a former teacher and has years of experience with learning issues including dyslexia, Autism Spectrum, ADHD, anxiety, and giftedness.  Needs which can be addressed might include:
  • Strategic planning to develop a daily learning routine that works for your family
  • Help with prioritization when it's clear that it can't all get done
  • How to incorporate accommodations into your child's distance-learning
  • Specific learning strategies to support your child
Learn more about Amy or Summit Center's consultation services while we shelter-in-place To make an appointment, email  or call 925-939-7500.
Parent Footprint Podcasts: James Breakwell and Andrew Campanella
Parenting with Writer James Breakwell - Episode #83

Get ready to laugh out loud! Dr. Dan treats listeners to an episode filled with humor and real life parenting advice from the hilarious author, professional comic writer, and (in his own words) "amateur father"  James Breakwell  (best known as the Twitter phenomena @Xploding Unicorn) . A parent of four daughters, James Breakwell is the popular author of several funny parenting books including How to Save Your Child from Ostrich Attacks, Accidental Time Travel, and Anything Else that Might Happen on an Average Tuesday .  James tackles the challenges parents encounter in their own everyday lives and at the same time gives us all his fresh perspective and a great laugh, too.

James Breakwell's comedy went viral in 2016 when Buzzfeed featured his kid-centric jokes in an article that quickly drew more than two million views. His next book Prance Like No One's Watching  will be published in spring 2020.

The School Choice Roadmap with Andrew Campanella - Episode #84

This week, Dr. Dan interviews    Andrew Campanella , President of  National School Choice Week , the largest public awareness effort in the U.S. focusing on opportunity in K-12 education. This episode will help parents and families everywhere recently thrust into educating their students at home.

Dr. Dan and Andrew open with a powerful discussion about virtual and distance learning. During the pandemic, this does not look like "normal school"  - but Andrew reminds us that our students are great with technology and can still thrive during this challenging time. He notes that ALL parents should have confidence in their educational abilities - parents really do know their students best.

Later in the episode, Dr. Dan and Andrew discuss Andrew's new book,  The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the Right School for Your Child, a guidebook to help parents identify education environments that meet their children's needs. Andrew's education expertise has been quoted in or featured on CNN, C-SPAN,, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, the Houston Chronicle, and more, along with local and regional media outlets.
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