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November 2014
Summit Center Update
It's the last chance to sign up for next Monday's Engaging in Essential Parent-Teacher Conversations workshop. Read on for more of our latest news and information.
Educational Consultant & Family Coach Joins Santa Monica

Lori Schulman, CPC Will Work with New Clients and Families


Summit Center is pleased to welcome Lori Schulman as an educational consultant and family coach at our Santa Monica office.

Lori Schulman, CPC

Lori will be working with families to determine what assessment or counseling services may benefit them, and help explain and follow-through on assessment results. Lori is also available to consult with families on school placement and assist with educational challenges through in-class observations and education and advocacy around the 504 or IEP process.

Lori Schulman is a Certified Professional Coach. She began her career as a teacher before specializing in the field of autism as a behavioral consultant. Lori has served as Assistant Head of School for Temple Emanuel Academy Day School. In 2014, she was named to the SENG Honor Roll for her work with children who are gifted and twice-exceptional. Lori recently co-founded The Fix-It Girls, a "whole-family, whole-home" organization service.  
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To schedule an appointment with Lori, please call (310) 478-6505 or email 
Dr. Paula Wilkes
Improve Communication with Your Child's Teacher

Register Now for Santa Monica Workshop Next Monday 11/17


Engaging in Essential Parent-Teacher Conversations Workshop, Monday, Nov. 17, 10-11:30 am. Explore the essential tools and behaviors that open lines of communication between teachers and parents. Led by Melanie Prager, J.D., CPE, and Dr. Paula Wilkes.



Nurturing the Spiritual Sensitivity of Your Child Workshop, Monday, Dec. 1, 10-11:30 am. Does your child have profound empathy? Is your child sometimes overwhelmed by sights, sounds, textures, or smells? Learn how spiritual sensitivity can impact the social and emotional lives of children. Led by Dr. Paula Wilkes.


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How Do We Recognize Twice Exceptional Learners?


Twice exceptional learners are gifted students who may display remarkable strengths in cognitive skills, math, reading, and more. However, they also have specific needs in certain areas, such as executive functioning, processing, memory, or handwriting. Summit Center's educational consultant, Dana Cope, has assembled this chart to provide parents with more information. Contact us if you would like to learn more or have your child evaluated.


Read the 2e Chart

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Living 2e, by Dr. Dan Peters, Summit Center

Living 2e - Video Highlights from Dr. Dan Peters on YouTube  Dr. Dan Peters presented the opening keynote at last summer's SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted) annual conference in San Jose. Many parents could relate to Dr. Peter's experiences from his childhood, with his own children, and as a psychology professional in the gifted/2e arena.  Watch the highlights


Huffington Post, October 22:  Children are worrying about Halloween, costumes, social skills (will I be invited with my friends?), doorbells ringing without warning and over-the-top spooky neighborhoods. Read the article


Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT) announced that "Make Your Worrier a Warrior" has won a 2014 Legacy Book Award! Congrats Dr. Dan Peters!

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  Great Potential Press has started a new community on Goodreads. Current discussions include good books for an anxious HG child, and the hottest topics in the gifted world. Join the community


Life Elsewhere Radio Show, October 13:  Norman B talked about worry and fear about Ebola with Dr. Dan Peters NPR station WMNF. Listen to the show

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